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  • Armed Assault 505 Games Release Info...


    505 Games announces additional content that will be present in the European edition of ArmA: Armed Assault when Bohemia Interactive's military shooter is released on the continent on February 16:

    Milton Keynes, UK – February 8th 2007: Publisher 505 Games is today delighted to announce that the forthcoming military combat simulator ArmA: Armed Assault will be supported during its February launch period by additional content and features.
    February 16th marks the launch of the world's most accurate videogame combat simulation in the UK and the rest of Europe(1). ArmA: Armed Assault has already been dazzling UK reviewers pre-launch, for instance scoring a massive 84 per cent and being awarded a Silver ‘Recommended’ medal of honour in the March issue of Future Publishing’s PC Zone magazine.

    ArmA: Armed Assault will feature additional content not present in the German and Eastern European versions already on sale. This exclusive content includes a raft of new weapons, two new aircraft and two motorbikes, as well as an exclusive new open-ended mission. 505 Games is also pleased to announce that SecuROM copy protection has been perfectly implemented and integrated into ArmA, with zero slow down or adverse performance effects.

    To further bolster the appeal and playability of this unique war simulation, the game’s developer - Bohemia Interactive - will release a new game patch for the German and Eastern European versions before the end of February. The patch ensures an internationally unified playing environment for all users.

    ArmA: Armed Assault releases on PC-DVD on February 16th, from publisher 505 Games.

    Before the end of February, Bohemia Interactive plans to release a new patch v1.05 for all editions of ArmA that will ensure an internationally unified game environment.

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    Re: AA 505 info...

    I was going to make a seperate thread for this but I will just add it here. has the ArmA up for preorder.
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      Re: AA 505 info...

      Heck yeah! Atari is the North American publisher for Armed Assault!!


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        Re: AA 505 info...

        Countries included in the 505 Games distribution of ArmA on February 16th:

        United Kingdom, France, Italy, Spain, Finland, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Netherlands, Belgium, Luxemburg, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Iceland, Ireland, Andorra, San Marino and The Vatican City, Greece, Portugal, Croatia, Serbia and Montenegro, Bosnia, Slovenia, Liechtenstein, Cyprus, Malta, Turkey, Israel, Middle East, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, and Japan.


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          Re: Armed Assault 505 Games Release Info...

          The 505 Games (English UK) version of Armed Assault is available for download from Sprocket.

          The latest patch for all versions of Armed Assault is available here.
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