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  • Should I?

    I am considering buying this game. And if I buy it I doubt I will play it anyplace but TG.

    But I have some concerns.

    1. I don't have much time to play. One or two hours a week if I am lucky. Will this be enough time to get into the rhythm? I hate playing a game for enjoyment then getting yelled at buy somebody because I don't know/forgotten an SOP. Being reminded, fine.

    2. I hate being squad leader or a leader of any type in a game. I make decisions for others all day and doing it during my off time just isn't appealing. In BF2 (my main reference point) I would, at times, have no real choice in the matter and that always bummed me out. Will I experience this in game?

    3. Related to #1. Now I have always felt welcomed in TG games even though I pretty much suck. But this game seems to be drawing more of the hard core tactical crowd. Will my suckiness lessen the playing enjoyment of those playing?

    4. How long do games last? Is leaving early frowned upon?
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    Re: Should I?

    1. Theres no yelling or any of that kind of thing on TG's server. Its laid back. I'd guess anyone being that way would probably be shown the door from a Mod, I dunno its never really happened when I was online.

    2. Nope. :) I don't think you'll be forced to do anything as far as leadership.

    3. Not even slightly. As long as you die in interesting or entertaining ways I'd even welcome it. The guys I've played with noone really cares. The AI's tough and everyones unlucky sometimes.

    4. Usually a standard co-op can go 45 minutes or so but it depends on the mission. Some can go as long as a couple of hours. Everyone seems to come and go as they please and its no problem.

    If your at all familiar with first person shooters it will be very simple to learn the basics on infantry play. The helos take some time. To sum up YES! I think you should. :)


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      Re: Should I?

      1. All of us are laid-back. We generally prefer to go low and slow. The only thing you will get teased for is putting a chopper full of squadmembers into a tree :)

      2. There tends to be fewer, larger squads with 1-2 people directing the entire side. So far there are plenty of people willing to fill this role, so no expectation that you would need to.

      3. I've seen you play and you will have zero issues here. This game is more "challenging" by virtue of its more realistic nature, but players only expect you to play "tactically" and follow orders. After that you can be like me and be the early warning radar.. "Dmn I just got killed again, watch out guys :)"

      4. This happens all the time. I personally can rarely play more than an hour at a time, because of RL constraints. Some games support Join-in-Progress and respawns so leaving REALLY isn't an issue. I think what you will find, is that when you have been into a long co-op mission for 45+ mins it is HARD to leave, but we all have RL to deal with so it happens regularly. It is best to get "situated" before you leave, IE if your driving a jeep or flying a chopper leave it where others can use it.




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