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  • Gforce 8800 GTS/GTX users

    Notice the white fog?

    This occurs even if the draw distanc is set very high(10.000). According to the forum users at, this is a bug in the DirectX 9 interface in the current Nvidia drivers.
    I noticed this when gunning in a Cobra with Evil Koala yesterday. He would be calling out targets and I would zoom in and only see fog.

    There is also a graphics degradation issue.

    I complained a lot about theese yesterday(sorry for whining). I believe it is an issue of the copyprotection going awry(like fade does). Luckily other users are experiencing the same.
    The common nominator on this seems to be 8800 users. The problem occurs from 30+ minutes in the game and worsens over time. And it happens every time. Alt tabbing does not help, changing graphics options does nothing either. Only remedy is exiting game and starting again.

    Another thing I noticed is that when the graphics starts to degrade and you switch to mapmode, zooming will bring the computer to a halt.

    PS. I used screenshots from users of the 1985 forums. The shots are directly comparable to what I am experiencing ingame.
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    Re: Gforce 8800 GTS/GTX users

    When I was on yesterday afternoon with you all I had similar problems. I have a Nvidia 7600 GT OC. The truth is I'm so happy I'm not crashing constantly I didn't mind. The effect in the last screenshot I have gotten occasionally with all versions of Arma occasionally.

    The only problem I see thats new for me with 1.05 is my system is heating up dramaticlly more. Has anyone else noticed this? I took my cover off and blew out some dust with a compressed air can, that helped some but it was not really that dusty in there.

    I've saw in the BIS forums alot of people with the 8800's are having a tougher time. I even heard one guy who bought 2 8800's to SLI just for Arma. Imagine how he must feel.


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      Re: Gforce 8800 GTS/GTX users

      I haven't been playing the 1.05 version but on the 1.04 my graphics look like that if I force v-sync off. Altough I never really played for a large extended period of time.


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        Re: Gforce 8800 GTS/GTX users

        Hey all, Im running a Dual Core X2 4600, 2 gig Ram, 8800 GTS.

        Im experiencing pretty much all of the above issues, i actually thought the white fog was some kind of fog of war or a weather effect! My system is pretty stable on the 1.04 version, i have yet to install 1.05. The degradation is deffinately happening in longer missions.

        My biggest problem is no discernable way to manage and maintain constant frame rates. I get around 50 fps on some missions with settings on very high, then it drops to around 25 fps on other missions and even less in some of the campaigns. I have tried tweaking all sorts of things, without any real rhyme or reason as to what causes the changes. It doesnt seem to be related to location or mission intensity. What frame rates are you guys getting and are you maintaining them or are you all experiencing this variation?

        This isnt a huge problem as im still pretty impressed with the visuals of the game, the HD lighting effects in particular are great.. and i know lots of people out there would kill for 20fps on very high!

        please keep this updated with any fixes you might find or causes of the problems. Good to know others are in the same boat so to speak.




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