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Is a US Arma squad forming?

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  • Is a US Arma squad forming?

    It comes out just in 4-5 weeks, will there be a US TG squad forming for ArmA?

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    Re: Is a US Arma squad forming?

    Always with the exclusive squads, just can't play as TG can ya? Oh well good luck with another exclusive squad.
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      Re: Is a US Arma squad forming?

      Don't go to hard on him Magnum.

      It is good to see that people show a dedication in taking up Armed Assault. The playerbase has been steadily growing since the intial release, but we still have room for more players in here.
      Most squads at TG start out from players playing one game. Usually they grow out of the game and move onto more titles by time.
      Like we did in E1st. We started out solely on BF2 but have since expanded to Armed Assault and will most likely be taking up the next good shooter that comes along.

      I do not believe there are any pure Armed Assault inhouse squads at the time. The closest would most likely be 1MIP. The AA game fits like a glove in their philosophy, I believe.
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