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Evolution Server Vehicle Etiquette

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  • Evolution Server Vehicle Etiquette

    I think we need to have a discussion about vehicle etiquette on the EVO server..
    As some of us know, lately we have seen more and more people leaving choppers and vehicles all over the map. My first day I was quilty of this myself.
    Mainly because I didnt know that most vehicles dont respawn. You actually have to go back to the location they were destroyed/went down and repair and refuel them.

    Im not pointing any fingers. We just need to educate the new people coming onto the server before they go learning to fly with each of the attack vehicles...:row__523:

    The only vehicles that do respawn at home base are the unarmed humvees/littlebirds and the repair/ammo/fuel trucks.

    I know this last week I have spent alot of game time recovering vehicles back to base that were not mine.. and the AI in my squad are not always too bright:madsmile:... I have also seen a couple other guys join the server and spend a couple hours just recovering choppers that are all over the map and not even get the chance to enjoy attacking a city.

    Another small problem.. Now that we are splitting up into squads, it is going to be more dangerous for people in different squads to get into the same vehicle..
    Example.. I was in a Humvee-TOW, and someone else jumped on the TOW(without my knowledge). I was cruising towards a city, I see a BMP, I go to switch to the TOW and cant.. I hope out and turn to look at humvee, to see someone not in my squad channel, looking in the opposite direction and boom.. the BMP kills us both :/

    any other ideas are welcome... discuss
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    Re: Evolution Server Vehicle Etiquette

    Yeah this has been more of a problem the past week with all the new people that have been on. Please remember this is not battlefield 2. The evolution mission makes it a little more like BF2, but evolution is not ARMA, it's just one mission that's meant to be played over a longer period. Most missions only last an hour or two and usually focus on one city or specific objective. Evolution is a good mission to learn arma on however.

    I'm all for using vehicles, but things like flying an ah-6 (little bird with guns) or a cobra into an area with anti-aircraft coverage still up (the red + zones on the map) is really stupid. More than likely you'll lose the aircraft and if it crashes in the city it could be an hour or two or more before the city is cleared enough to get to the vehicle and repair it. Often the person will leave because of that and the vehicle sits there, unavailable to anyone until someone else goes and fixes it. The addition of the engineer class to the evolution mission makes this a little easier but it is still a time consuming process. (this applies to ground vehicles as well, people thinking you can drive a striker or m1a1 straight into an enemy city, that doesn't work, it will be destroyed with 1 or 2 rpg hits, then they go get another vehicle)

    Shiner mentioned last night that he might try to make it so if you get a vehicle destroyed it will show your name by it also to add some accountability. This is a great idea IMO, but really this shouldn't be necessary on a TG server... Basically try to remember that this mission has people joining and leaving (unlike other ARMA missions) and that the people that come on after you don't particularly want to clean up the mess from the night before just to clear the last cities or whatever the case is.
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      Re: Evolution Server Vehicle Etiquette

      I'm going to try and figure a method of attaching the pilot/driver's name to any downed vehicle.... This will help add some accountability and let us know if someone is repeatadly abusing access to the vehicles (crashing and not recovering them).

      Accidents do happen.. and you can't always get your vehicles repaired before having to leave.. but if it says "AH-6 Downed (SmakTard), AH-6 Downed (SmakTard), M1A1 Downed (SmakTard)" all over the server don't be surprised if there is a warning and time-ban from the evo server.


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        Re: Evolution Server Vehicle Etiquette

        this will be great if you get it working


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          Re: Evolution Server Vehicle Etiquette

          Hell I felt guilty earlier today when I got nailed in an MH-6 and couldn't recover it.
          Of course it did eventually respawn but still.


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            Re: Evolution Server Vehicle Etiquette

            No joy on the first attempt. I need to capture the driver name prior to destruction itself, but that isn't easy inside the multiple nested loops used by the author. I'll sleep on it and see if something comes to me.


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              Re: Evolution Server Vehicle Etiquette

              Yeah it should be fairly easy now with the instant engineer farps, but still looks like a junkyard.. I am highly for the Names of people in vehicle that crashed...


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                Re: Evolution Server Vehicle Etiquette

                Just to give anyone who leaves an asset in the field a sense of what other players are faced with upon logging onto the server, I recently spent several hours recovering the following:
                • Stryker (6)
                • Vulcan (2)
                • M113
                • HUMVEE (6)
                • AH-6 (2)
                • Cobra

                This isn't the first time I have joined an ongoing session to find the island looking more like a junkyard than a battlefield. It might not seem a big deal, but it can be daunting to take on an objective or mission when certain assets are thousands of meters from base. While I appreciate the opportunity to learn how to control AI soldiers and experience playing a supporting role in more depth, it seems only common courtesy to pick up after ourselves.


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                  Re: Evolution Server Vehicle Etiquette

                  Yes some good points here

                  Here's my two penny's worth.

                  I think we should TRY to collect any downed assets as we go along, bearing in mind the state of the battle, the squad leaders or above should call on this as it may be more important to achieve a local goal first.

                  Off course all of the above is going to be pointless if some jerk takes them out and gets taken down as fast as they can be recovered.
                  This means a TACTICAL approach has to be planned for what, where, when & who does what at the battlefrront.
                  To be fair when we are set up into squads this previously did seem to get done.
                  If we are in squads then we should all follow any given order to recover the assessts.
                  Certainly at the end of a City Battle we should recoupe, repair & regroup before we move onto the next city.

                  Barnaby out

                  PS same should apply to medics & engs, these tasks should be shared out more.
                  So I'm going to do alternate days as a medic to lighten the load on a squad leader doing it who has more important battle chatter to deal with without also having to be the medic.
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                    Re: Evolution Server Vehicle Etiquette

                    guys...there's got to be a better way than the forums to let people know what to do regarding vehicle repairs. Yesterday was my second time playing evo and only now am I getting it...Is it possible to put a scrolling message up when a new player joins.

                    Your right about this becoming more you feel the sweeping ground swell around this latest Arma patch. Lots of new faces will be joining and more people will join that didn't know the protocol like I didn't.

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                      Re: Evolution Server Vehicle Etiquette

                      what about a message that comes up for the player, like a script that does a direct communication to the player when he wrecks one of these things. telling him some faults he may have made or why it was messed up. or better yet throw him in the brig play banana phone and show the above =D


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                        Re: Evolution Server Vehicle Etiquette

                        Hey Shiner...How about you and STRAG come up with a INTRO TEXT or something and add it to the FRONT END of the mission..when they come in..?

                        Don't you like how I take your already important time and fill it with Misc. BS stuff!! I mean..all it SHOULD TAKE is a nice voice on the server helping the NEW guys out..and the NEW guys being on Teamspeak...

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                          Re: Evolution Server Vehicle Etiquette

                          coop for the win, no cleanup and its more fun


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                            Re: Evolution Server Vehicle Etiquette

                            Originally posted by SnakeDoc View Post
                            Shiner mentioned last night that he might try to make it so if you get a vehicle destroyed it will show your name by it also to add some accountability. This is a great idea IMO, ...............
                            Your a great guy snake and I learned alot from you in the early missions. Thank you for that patience with me. But this is a bad idea. Tactical gamer has acheived a certain precarious balance of required discipline counterbalanced with tolerance to those who really want to learn.

                            This process of "Shaming" people (by naming people) will topple that Balance against you. It is far better to let it happen and learn who is doing it and talk to them directly. Otherwise, those who do it legitimtely and infrequently (or while honestly trying to learn and get through that early process) will be lumped in with the generally irresponsible. It will open the door to being publically humiliated when actually only ignorqance of the game mechanics lead to the issue many of the times.

                            Tactical Gamer, IMHO, has achieved a rarely achieved balance of friendliness and expected discipline. That balance is precarious indeed. And the fact that they ahve achieved that Balance should be apoint of pride not to be taken lightly.

                            Today i spent 30 minutes recovering a Blackhawk lost under my command. And I did so willingly and it was fun. I got support from a convoy of which I was part. This is becuase I was "shown" the right way during my learning phase and I got Mutual support from other players (who could have been having more fun thana convoy). I was not "Shamed" into doing it. I was lead and supported. Had I been shamed, I likely would have never returned. Servers are like restaurants. Bad expereince? unlikely to return.

                            Its human nature. Please do not lean toward such a method. it will teach others to shame people at every turn, and your delicately Balanced server will be soon ruined by an accepted subtle hostility toward new players.

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                              Re: Evolution Server Vehicle Etiquette

                              That is a good point sleepdoc... "naming" those folks isn't about shaming them.. it is about accountability. The fact remains that vehicles WILL be lost during normal combat operations and not everyone of them will be recovered. I don't have any problems seeing vehicles littered about the map.. this is war after all. I know I logged in and the first thing I did was get an AI squad up to recover some vehicles left a few towns behind the current assault. This is something anybody can do.

                              What I don't want it a single individual destroying considerable assets in less than 10 minutes and then disconnecting. The process of having names attached then helps us in admining the server.

                              The point is somewhat moot, as I am unable to retrieve the name of the pilot for a vehicle that is already dead.. and there isn't a method (I can think of) of storing the driver inside the evolution author's script for vehicle respawning. This means the names won't be appearing on the server anytime soon.




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