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  • Next Scheduled session

    I think the last few coop sessions have been wonderful as far as turnout and fun. These scheduled events are great ways to get organized and have tons of fun doing it. I look at the AAR's and we've had two large Evo coops on Tuesday. Is that the most active day for us? We've had good turn outs on Sunday's which is far more Euro friendly.

    I'd like to find out when everyone would like to do the next session. If there is enough response we could do some testing of Team vs. Team missions. Taxi has one on the server that should be TG style and needs a good testing. That brings another question, would everyone prefer a scheduled COOP mission or a scheduled TvT(adversarial) mission?
    Team vs. Team
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    Re: Next Scheduled session

    No more evo I get enough of that during the week.


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      Re: Next Scheduled session

      This is very difficult.
      My back ground is TvT in both Spear Head & CoD2 which I did enjoy very much.
      But the lure of a more tactical game led me to ArmA.

      I do feel that while it is good in ArmA to build up a fair sized squad to take on the enemy AI's they are great shots but STUPID.
      eg They don't always react logically to you. They wander about in front of you or just go prone in the open.
      In my very limited experience in playing TvT with ArmA the reactions of opposing team members were much more realistic, you could be sure if some one saw you that they would try and counter your attack thrust intelligently and not always in the same predictable way.

      As for CTF that was not for me too much rush and grab with little or no tactics involved and certainly nothing like game play of Evo.

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      PS I polled TvT shhhhhhh
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        Re: Next Scheduled session

        I say let's keep it on a Tues night. Seems to be a good night for most people given the turn out we had. I'd love to try other missions aside from the EVO mod. As long as we don't subsitute the high tactical realism of the game then TVT is good for me. Having said that, TVT may be more intimidating for some players which may prevent a nice turn out like last tuesday. Would the missions be less playable without the same kind of turnout?


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          Re: Next Scheduled session

          I think Flenaly makes a point.

          Your poll is flawed. The poll choices should be

          1. EVO
          2. Coop (not EVO) (with respawn)
          3. Coop (Not EVO) (1 life only)
          3. TvT

          I think your response profile would be more telling.

          For the record, I'm with FLenaly. Not EVO. i pick coop with respawns at this point in time. Eventually, i will move to one life games.

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            Re: Next Scheduled session

            Whichever type results in us NOT PLAYING Evolution, please! I was disappointed when this last week's coop meet turned into another day of Evolution!

            I second Sleepdoc's version of the poll with no changes. I would have voted for #3 on his list. Both of them. :)


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              Re: Next Scheduled session

              COOP mission, please. Not ready for TvT, yet.


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                Re: Next Scheduled session

                I'm ready for Team Vs. Team. I want to kill someone other than a bot now.


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                  Re: Next Scheduled session

                  The POLL is a GREAT IDEA... Nice Call kHaN... Now go and Vote

                  (for TvT..ehem)

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                    Re: Next Scheduled session

                    I think the poll covers what I need. Like I've said before, if COOP wins out and we have 30 people show up, show me a mission besides Evo that has transport helo's, long campaign style, and diverse choice of equipment. If everyone wants to play infantry that is fine, I believe ShackTac has a mission or two large enough for us. I just have not personally tried out any COOP mission that large that has all the things mentioned. In the meantime, if someone wants to hop on the non evo server and look for some good missions go right ahead. If 20 or less show I know of some great ones, but more than that I'm uncertain besides Evo.

                    As for TvT, I really want to play Taxi's based on what he has said about it. The others like Beserk remind me of BF2. Again recommendations for missions will be much appreciated.
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                      Re: Next Scheduled session

                      I voted for co-op. I prefer one life if that matters. Definitely not Evolution. There is enough of that on 4/5 of the ArmA servers.

                      Player v. player in Armed Assault doesn't interest me too much. Berzerk was fun for a few games, but I enjoy working with a team against the AI much more.


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                        Re: Next Scheduled session

                        4/5 ---->>> 19/20 more like it.

                        For a possible coop, check out reterning home --- i think it starts off bloody under attack, but it becomes more tactical once the start is taken care of

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                          Re: Next Scheduled session

                          coop with respawn...non evo
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                            Re: Next Scheduled session

                            Whatever thats non evo. :)


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                              Re: Next Scheduled session

                              Coop w/ respawn, or else (not sure here) TvT if it has respawn... personally, I didn't buy this game to simulate a seagull.

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