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Is it really worth it?

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  • Is it really worth it?

    Well first off,I do like the game a lot. But I have been hearing a lot of "There arn't many servers/players. Is this true? I am talking about US by the way.

    And 24/7 how much servers/players would usually be on?
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    Re: Is it really worth it?

    Well...we just had a TG Coop mission which lasted approx 2- 2 1/2 hours with Approx. 30 players... Two different Fronts, Armor, Air and Infantry Elements..
    And this is really just the beginning ..
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      Re: Is it really worth it?

      Originally posted by FishingGold View Post
      "There arn't many servers/players. Is this true?
      Who cares? There's only one you need to worry about :D (two if you join the ranks of ShackTac). And theres usually 10+ people on the TG server on any given night.
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        Re: Is it really worth it?

        Last night was amazing. Why don't we play coop regularly, instead of Evo? When I first started playing, I never thought I'd get sick of Evo. I played it for weeks and weeks on end, and I still never thought I'd get sick of Evo. Then one day, I decided I was fed up with Evolution. Except for a couple quick and boring Berzerk forays, the Coop get-together was my only ArmA in a week...

        Whoops. Back to your post. No, you will be disappointed that the player count is not the same as BF2, but I would not say "There aren't many players/servers". There are always servers that are very filled, and for 2/3 of the day TG's Evo server is pretty full.

        If you like TG Project Reality, then you will not be disappointed by purchasing ArmA. I've already gotten more than my money's worth. By all accounts, I should owe them more money. :) There is much, much more to come in the ArmA world. ACE is still forthcoming. Vietnam: The Experience is also in production for ArmA. What exciting times we live in... :)




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