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  • Update to the Evolution Sever Guide

    I added this to the original, but I'm making this post convenient here( I know how scary stickies can be)

    This update is just for clarification on a few things and to address some issues that have been reported. Thanks to everyone for their input. As always, feel free to PM me or other admins about issues or suggestions about the Evolution Server. Sometimes these main forums can be difficult to get points a crossed so use the PM.


    All CAS and Dedicated Transport pilots will be in the Air Element channel and under the command of an Air Ops Coodinator. Air Ops Coordinator (AOC) organizes and coordinates all air elements (unit code assignments, clearance to engage cities, etc). ACO works with Platoon Leader and Ground Units for coordination of assaults, troop/supply transport and repair services. If there is not an ACO, Pilots are still expected to be in the Air Element channel and provide support to ground squads.

    All Engineers will be required to perform their roles as the repairmen of the server. By selecting Engineer slot you automatically become available to assist others on the server recovering vehicles. If you do not want this responsibility, do not select this slot. Pilots should Not select Engineer slots. Pilots, who are performing their piloting duties, will be unavailable to assist others in recovering vehicles most times. The exception to this rule is under ACO operation the ACO may appoint a transport pilot to become Engineer to assist in any recover operations. Engineer slots should also be reserved to only Mechanized Infantry and Armor Squads. If you are going to be a ground pounder and not willing to spend hours recovering downed armor, do not select these slots. If the server is full and only Engineer slots available and you do not wish to fulfill these duties, contact the Platoon Leader or Armor Element and almost guaranteed someone will switch with you.
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