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  • Thanks Admins!

    Just want to thank all our admins for setting up these outstanding and fun coop events! Not only is it fun to get together at a set time ,the team work/organization is great! Also thanks for the mod played after the event (coming home?) which was much more hair raising as we where attacked by more AI than I've ever seen at one time! What a blast. Curt

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    Re: Thanks Admins!

    Thanks for the feedback.

    Rest assured that TG Armed Assault is gearing up to a lot of organized events as well as some other small surprises in this coming fall.
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      Re: Thanks Admins! Coming home..did you make it past the first 20 minutes? The second version of this map is MUCH HARDER (too much IMHO) then the first ...we may want that version back on server if it isn't already... They took out the MG nests!!..
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        Re: Thanks Admins!

        Twice we made it past the first 20 minutes so this must be the old version. We started the mission and engaged in some phenomenal action, finally clearing the enemy from base. I went afk for a minute or two and came back to find the mission had been accidentally restarted.

        It was amazing to me how much easier we had it on the second go around. I suppose we knew what to expect and all but it seemed so much easier the second time around.

        The opening of this mission is incredibly fun but can see how it wouldn't appeal to some hardcore arma players. Respawn in 1 minute leads to chance taking that is much akin to BF2. Of course the enemy attack was much larger than anything you'd usually see in BF2. Anyways...the opening 20 minutes of this mission is perhaps the most intense combat in Arma I've experienced yet.

        I suggest this would be a good mission for one of our coop events. With alot of people on it'd be great fun and probably play out quite a bit shorter than the first time I played it (3 1/2 hours)
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          Re: Thanks Admins!

          Yeah was a good night and also enjoyed the Coming Home map.

          That one is different to the last time I played on another server, as it had fixed position MG's pointing over the runway. It also didn't have the air-field bombing but it did seem to have more armour certainly it populated behind the hangers towards the POW camp.
          It used to be possible to get out & mine the base before the attacking troops came.
          Still I liked it a lot.
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