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  • Flying the A-10

    Hey all. I'm looking for some information on controls for flying the A-10.

    1) Flaps. I know flaps basically add lift at lower speeds which I suppose is necessary in a vehicle like this. However, what affect do they have that I wouldn't want them on most of the time?

    2) Speed. The A-10's engines seem to have less horsepower then my car. Frequently I find myself stalling out when I simply try to pull out of a dive. Real A-10s definitely are capable of climbing vertical, especially after a pass. Neither the 'Turbo' or 'Vehicle Turbo' buttons seem to give me the extra 'oomph' I need. What am I missing?

    3) AGMs. How do I lock them? I've tried the 'Next Target' and 'Lock/Zoom' and neither of them do anything.


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    Re: Flying the A-10

    1) In this game, they are for landing / take off only. For the real thing there are combat flaps, but not really useful here. It will just bleed too much speed in this game.

    2) Again in this game, just keep the throttle full on. Theres no reason to take off the throttle except to land. lol

    3) Tab button is default. Obviously theres no TVM targeting, so it will only work if there is a target to lock. Tank/vehicle ect..


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      Re: Flying the A-10

      Keep in mind that when you chop the throttles to idle it deploys speed brakes in ArmA also. So you could be in a dive with the speed brakes deployed and you'll still be decellerating. Watch your speed in the hud and just make sure it never gets below 130kts. Try to keep at least 150kts.
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        Re: Flying the A-10

        Sweet, thanks. For some reason 'Next Target' (IE: Tab) does nothing when bound to a joystick button for me.




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