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  • TeamSpeak Spamming

    The title may not be what you think...

    I read a post recently where someone was banned for spamming in TeamSpeak. I was curious to ask for clarification but the thread was closed.

    I just wanted to note, that there are some inherit rules in TeamSpeak that hosting providers can't control.

    I have keybinds (Alt+CursorUp and Alt+CursorDown) to help me move up and down the channel list while I'm in game. I'll get kicked too if I use that bind too quickly and too many times in a row for ... guess what? Spamming.

    It's an automated thing. So for whomever it was, I was just going to ask -- where you "keyboarding too fast spamming" or "voice spamming"? Was it automated kick or an admin kick? If either of the latter, shame on you. If the former, I hope this help provide an explanation.

    Just wanted to throw that out there. :icon20:
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    Re: TeamSpeak Spamming

    Good point. Sometimes it's easier to set up keys for switching channels like that instead of direct channel switches. There can be too many channels to setup keybinds for and it also wastes a lot of keybinds for other things.

    There's also a weird behavior with the switch channel next/previous keybinds. When you're in a parent channel, you switch to next channel to enter the subchannels despite the subchannels displaying above your name in the list. I found it a bit odd since users in the parent channel aren't displayed before the subchannels.

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      Re: TeamSpeak Spamming

      its a auto kick, flood of channel commands, mute mic/sound.. Some servers have option off, but majority do.. Join any TS server, spam your mute mic for 5 seconds you will be kicked heh




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