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  • REMINDER: Ribbon nominations

    Part of the fun of Tactical Gamer is being recognized for efforts that go above and beyond the usual norm. I know you all see efforts from your fellow ArmA addicts that make you go, "Dang, man... great job!" Next time you think that, take the time to remember the effort and write a ribbon nomination for the guy!

    Was someone a great sniper? Nominate him!

    Did someone regularly kill the enemy with almost cybernectic accuracy? Nominate him!

    Was someone the best Squad Leader you've had the pleasure to take orders from? Nominate him!

    Did someone complete an extraordinarily-tough recon assignment and help the team out? Nominate him!

    Did someone crush the enemy armor assets with his M136 rockets? Nominate him!

    Was there a guy always healing his teammates, placing himself in harm's way to do so and being an asset to his teammates? Nominate him!

    What about that guy who's in the server each night, doing the thankless job of air transportation and inserting you grunts into battle? Nominate him!

    The list goes on and on. The process of awarding ribbons is as easy as eating apple pie. Take a look at this thread:

    Read the stickies, and if you have any questions, PM Ribbons (although he probably won't get back to answering you until around the Wednesday of each week). If you have no clue what ribbon you should nominate someone for, simply write up the nomination and give your best guess, but let Ribbons know that you're not sure if the ribbon is applicable.

    Ribbon nominations are easy. They require NO set format, so long as you include who you're nominating and why. Don't be shy, folks. Plenty of worthy efforts for ribbons happen every night on the TG ArmA servers... but only you can recognize the individuals for it.

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    Re: REMINDER: Ribbon nominations

    REMINDER: We haven't had a ribbon awarded for Armed Assault in quite a while. For those that participated in Wednesday's scrimmage, please reward your fellow players for incredible feats of gameplay that you may have witnessed.

    Squad leaders, nominate deserving subordinates; squad members, nominate your leaders and/or fellow teammates. Reinforce the great leadership, great teamwork, and phenomenal gameplay and tactics of your fellow teammates. It was a pitched, difficult, uphill battle, and the players who took part in the scrim deserve nothing less.




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