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Coop Event Sunday 21st of October

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  • Coop Event Sunday 21st of October

    !!!Please read all of this post before asking any questions or signing up!!!

    This is a TG session open to Supporting and Non_Supporting members that will take place on the Armed Assault Coop server.

    What not to post:
    • "What time will it be in my time zone?" Work it out.
    • "It's not fair! I keep getting pushed out by Supporting Members!" Become one.
    • "Can you change the date?" No, the date is confirmed.

    Date: Sunday, 21st of October 2007 - 18.00 HOURS UCT

    Use to work out your offset.

    Players will be required for TeamSpeak roll call 30 minutes before the session.

    Game information:
    • We will be enforcing "dead men can't talk" rules. This means that if players are killed, they can't make death gurgle noises or any other sound that indicates their death.

    How to sign up:


    Players who no-show without notice for a session can be precluded from participating in the following session. Don't let your team mates down! Only sign up if you intend to play, you must provide at least 24 hours if you need to withdraw.
    Commanders and Squad Leaders to be determined later. Members are strongly encouraged to step forward as leader.
    Signup closes 24 hours prior to the Event.

    You must include the following information with your sign-up:
    1. In-House Division (Unaffiliated if none).
    2. Leadership Abilities
    3. Specialities (Include Vehicles).

    • Players will be signed up on a first-come first-served basis.
    • Supporting Members get precedence in the order they sign up, then Non-Supporting Members afterwards. Your SM status at the time of signup determines which list you will be on. Once you post, you cannot become a SM later to work your way up the list.
    • You can pull out, but if you reconfirm, you will find yourself at the bottom of the roster.
    • You may not hand over your spot to another specific player. Your spot will be given to the next available player.

    Anybody who doesn't make it on the active roster will be a reserve. I urge reserves to still turn up for TeamSpeak roll call, since there are always a few no-shows.


    Server: Armed Assault public server
    Password: To be revealed over TeamSpeak immediately before the session(see below).

    Please note that the TG Evolution And CoOp server will be closed during the event. The server will be on port 2326

    Mission selections:
    To be announed game time and revealed to Squad leader by PM.

    Signups by Chronological Order

    Supporting Members are listed in bold. This list factors in our Supporting Member priority policy and cancellations.

    Player Roster (will be updated until 24 hours prior to the Event)



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    Re: Coop Event Sunday 21st of October

    Want to participate but not sure if i'll be able to make it, can you put me on reserves ?

    1. unaffiliated
    2. none
    3. medic , rifleman


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      Re: Coop Event Sunday 21st of October

      Also place me in reserves...

      1. unaffiliated
      2. none
      3. AT, Rifleman, MG-(Only during day though)
      SADD - Soldiers Against Dumb Drivers - Campaign
      Friends don't let friends drive enemy vehicles.


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        Re: Coop Event Sunday 21st of October

        I'll be there, as usual.

        1. Irregulars.
        2. If needed.
        3. Any of the ground roles.


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          Re: Coop Event Sunday 21st of October

          I can make it.

          1. unaffiliated
          2. sm
          3. AT, medic etc. whatever we need.


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            Re: Coop Event Sunday 21st of October

            I hope to play on Sunday but with a 6 week old baby in the house now my schedule is never set in stone and I probably won't have more then 2.5 hours free so reserves possibly?

            1. unaffiliated
            2. none
            3. Any standard soldier kit, not a great pilot.


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              Re: Coop Event Sunday 21st of October

              I'll attempt this but will know for sure Saturday.
              1. Unaff.
              3. Rifleman,MG, learning all


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                Re: Coop Event Sunday 21st of October

                I'll get in
                1. unaff
                2. some
                3. Either infantry(specialty medic/AT), rotary, or A10.


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                  Re: Coop Event Sunday 21st of October

                  Still not sure. Have to be reserves this week.


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                    Re: Coop Event Sunday 21st of October

                    I may be late. Taking professional photos for the wife. I'll show up, though.




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