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An Invite for a joint-op with the 9thInf.

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  • An Invite for a joint-op with the 9thInf.

    As soon as the battle was over on Wednesday evening I quicky negotiated a battle with the 1-8th and LSA who were teamed up with the 9th vs TG .Mid Week Battle 3 will take place on Wednesday, 24 October 2007 @ 1830 hours pacific time.The map is is a&s 60 BBM V3 in the iceman map pack that can be downloaded @ .Look in the lower right hand corner for the downloads. .It's infantry based.We are going to up the slots to 35 and that'll create the need for the 9th to allie once again with .There were some 9th members that didn't get to play on Wednesday 17 October.With the increase in slots I've reserved 20 for 9th members.I may be able to fill them and I may not be.
    Here's the possible breakdown for the 35 slots .
    20 slots reserved for 9th.
    8 slots reserved for TG
    7 slots reserved for A- Team consisting of former BDA members.
    If I need to seek out another 5 players that won't be an issue.

    Back to the map.BBM stands for Bagango,Benoma and Masbete.It's a scaled down model of what we played on 17 October .There are 3 flags to capture in order.If all flags are capped by the same team for 70 seconds the owning team declares victory.There aren't any A-10's or Cobras or fighter planes.The map is infantry based.The assets on the map to the best of my knowledge are 1 or 2 Blackhawks,2 littlebirds several humvees,strykers and m113's.I do believe you guys will like this map.We played 506th-PIR on it last Sunday and everyone on both sides seemed to enjoy the map and the style of play.

    If TG is interested in jumping in with the 9th please send me a pm here or contact TG Switch.It will be fun and a whole lot less stress than the bigger battles of the past.

    Just an FYI you guys will have your chance to play the 9th,1-8th and LSA on the same map as the 17th with TG taking Blufor. 21 November 2007.It's already been scheduled and discussed with TG Switch.

    {9thInf} RockSteel
    ArmA Team C/O

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    Re: An Invite for a joint-op with the 9thInf.

    I believe Switch has already posted about this and is currently recruting members for an 8 person squad. Thanks for the info though. Plenty have said this to Switch but I'll throw it out here--if we could start even an hour earlier we'd have an easier time recruiting people and keeping them on throughout the whole battle.

    See you on the battlefield.
    ARMA Admin (retired)
    Pathfinder-Spartan 5


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      Re: An Invite for a joint-op with the 9thInf.

      Looking forward to next week, Rock. Thanks for the further information.


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        Re: An Invite for a joint-op with the 9thInf.

        You can count me in!
        PR ingame name - |TG-Irr| SilverJohn


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          Re: An Invite for a joint-op with the 9thInf.

          Guys, get on 9ths TS for this event


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