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    My Lucky M16

    I like my M16/203. It is an accurate rifle that has been tried and tested in many combat environments. It is also my lucky rifle. Whenever I take her along, good things seem to happen. She looks sexy too - ok I know she's just a rifle but come on. This weapon just looks the business, especially when it has the 203 attached to it and has been seen more around the world than any other rifle. Well ok maybe the AK47 has seen as much action too, after all, the bad guys have got to fight with something. Don't they?

    So anyway, here I am in this chopper with my M16. In here with me are some guys I've never met before. They're from this unit simply known as |TG|. Apparently these guys are meant to be the best. Now I've been with a fair amount of different squads and I usually get called in to help squads out. I have a reputation for being good - and I am. I hate to boast, but I'm a damn good soldier. And for this reason I guess is the reason I'm on this chopper with these guys. Hell if they're as good as I hear, I may even join them.

    So we're off to the jungle with my M16. Some drug lords need taking out and we're the guys to do it. So I got these weird guys (In a good way of course) here with me. Our Platoon leader is some American guy called Blind (yeah - that installs a LOT of confidence). He looks like a vet though so I'm happy. Then there's this dude called Manager (from Estonia I think). This guy looks like all he wants to do is shoot people; the gleam in his eye is scary. Directly opposite me is a Canadian called Teee (short for Teee-nacious). He looks comfortable and experienced and seems real easy going. And then there's me, Jex. What a bunch of weirdo's we must be to have names as FUBAR'd as these man. I mean come on, surely Pete, Bob, Mickey and Sue would do? (I'll leave it up to you as to who is the Sue - man should've been a poet, not a soldier).

    Anyway it's 4 soldiers against 40. That's 10 to 1 odds. Only a lunatic would accept such a job - pass me the straight jacket eh? The only good thing we have going for us is the jungle.

    I hate the Jungle. The one thing I hate about the jungle is the heat and the humidity - ok that's two things. Well there's a lot of things I hate about the jungle. Leeches, insects, drug barons - the usual things. The air is thick and I can taste the fumes from the engine as we skim over the tree tops. The chopper has already completed two dummy drops. We're going on the third.

    We've got 5 minutes. I could really use a smoke but I gave up a few weeks ago. I still carry tobacco with me though - in my socks. Keeps the leeches at bay. I check my M16 once more.

    "1 minute," shouts the pilot over the radio.

    We all move into position. Myself and manager sit on one side, Blind and Teee on the other. A slight smile crosses managers lips - I get the feeling that the grim reaper is on the way. The chopper drops sharply, my stomach floats but I'm used to the feeling. Fifty feet, twenty feet, ten feet, we're out. I bring my M16 up and scan my area - we're clear. Everyone else reports their area clear too. Blind is on the ball and giving us our orders. Manager and Teee are covering the left side of the hill in front of us, myself and blind have the right. Intel reported a large concentration of troops patrolling the area so we're gonna send them a couple of greeting cards. Just as I squeeze the trigger of my 203 I hear manager (or Teee?) launch about 3 nades off. Somebody brought along their OICW. Not a weapon I particularly like for no reason what-so-ever really.

    Our greeting is accepted and returned in favour. Bullets fly over our heads, ripping through leaves and branches above us. But we're 'hull down'. The barrels of our rifle and the Kevlar of our helmets are the only things showing over the small hill we're set up on. A few grenades come our way but they're wildly off target. They're trying to soften us up before they move in. We wait. Only seconds later I hear Manager and Teee open up on the left. It's not long before it's our turn and we see targets come around our side of the hill. I start shooting, as does Blind. Something isn't right here though, he's getting most of the kills. Sneaky character must have put slow bullets in my mags when I wasn't looking. Finally I start to drop some. I'm also moving off to the right to flank a little. As I do I see a tango suddenly run over the hill in front of me but I drop him with 2 shots - double tap.

    The fire fight is in full swing but we're in too good a position and they continue to eat jungle. Everyone of us is shooting. Tracer fire shrieks off eerily through the mist. Then silence. That strange silence that only comes from battlefields after death has paid a visit. I lob another grenade from my 203 into the gloom - just to let 'em know we're still here. Nothing is returned. We wait another minute - all quiet. I reload my M16 and we all check in fighting fit. My hand is shaking. The adrenaline is still pumping around my system. Bird song returns once again.

    Blind orders us to push north. Myself and Manager have point. There's a bridge up ahead and we move cautiously towards it. Somebody spots a contact on the far bank but they move off into the fog. We all set up and wait for them to come back. After a minute or two they are spotted once again and we initiate contact. We're getting more fire now coming in and from our south too. I yell on my mic to Manager that I'm relocating to the bridge, it should give me a little more height. I charge up onto the bridge and then throw my body on the floor. As I bring my rifle to bear I see to contacts to my front left drop - Manager I presume. Then 2 targets come out of the fog on the other side of the bank, straight ahead of me. I drop both - one shot each. I've found my form and I'm beginning to work with the team.

    It's a funny thing when you fight for the first time with a new squad. It's like your skill drops a little bit because you're not yet in sync with your newly found buddies. And then suddenly you regain your skill as you learn how to work with the guys who are with you - and in turn they learn how to work with me.

    More targets present themselves and more targets drop. I think Blind and Teee are busy from contacts to the South. I hear footsteps as Manager runs past me a little - good he's pushing forward. Then once again we are left in silence. I reload my M16.

    We cross the bridge with Blind and Teee providing cover as we move. We're getting close to the objective now and the terrain ahead is looking like it's in their favour not ours. We cross over the bridge and then follow the path round to the east. We stop when the path turns north and Manager sets to guard the north whilst I move behind him a little to guard East. We're at the base of a hill. Blind and Teee now move up. I notice Blind is limping a bit - old war wound perhaps?

    Myself and Manager are going to move north, in between two hills and then approach the house from the west side. Blind and Teee will attack from the south. We move out. Manager is on the left side covering right, and I'm right covering left. As we near the top I notice that to the left it opens out quite a bit. I'm concentrating for targets. Almost too hard because I hear Manager over the comms telling me I moving into an area he can't cover. Excellent I think - this guy is on the ball. I turn and look behind me - he's right. My back is exposed to the jungle behind me instead of the bank of the hill. It's those kind of stupid mistakes that get yourself killed and I commend Manager for his professionalism. We move north along the road some more. To my right the ground rises further - the other side should be the objective. I comm Manager that I'm moving up on this hill to get eyes on the house and suggest he go wide to make sure the road is clear as it bends round to the east. I slowly make my way up the hill, stopping every now and then to scan for targets. I've had rookies walk right past me before because they did their scanning on the fly. You don't notice movement so much when your moving - remember that and you might live longer.

    As I approach the top of the hill I go prone and crawl the last few meters. I see the house but I see no targets. I call in my position to Blind and that things appear to be clear. I pull out my bins for a closer inspection. Nothing. Manager reports the same from the north side. I hear Teee and Blind talking about placing a sensor. I let them know that our sides are clear. Blind tells Teee to set the sensor down on the west side of the house. As he moves in I provide cover from the hill as Manager covers the front door. Teee's in good hands. If anything so much as moves we've got them. The sensor goes down and we now have eyes inside the house. There's several contacts. I move up now, we're tightening the noose. Blind tells manager to use their GL's on the house. Myself and Teee are going in. We enter the garage - I take position by the door. I turn to tell Teee to guard our six - he's already there. These guys are pro's - nothing needs to be said, it just gets done. I smile. We call in and show starts.

    Holy ****! Don't ever be by the door when Blind and Manager are nading - WooHoooo! The whole damn house is rocking. Huge bangs all around. Man I now know what it means to be at the epicentre of an earth quake. We got 12 on the Richter scale here and I'm doing all I can to keep on my feet. Should've taken more dancing classes. As soon as they nades stop we go in.

    I hate room clearing - or CQB as it is commonly referred. Nothing is like it. You know that from any direction, behind any box, a tango could suddenly pop out. The 'nades got most of them but there's still two left. In close quarters you have got to be on the ball. Concentration is 100%. Anything moves and it dies. A fly could **** and I'd shoot it right now. We sweep the first floor - all clear. I slowly make my way downstairs. As I get to the bottom and round the corner I almost bump into a tango on the other side. I set my M16 to 3 bursts before we entered - I always do for CQB. Can't take any chances at this range. It doesn't matter though as this guy take all three at point blank. I let of another burst, 2 go into the woodwork as he moves and one catches him. Then we seem to go tit for tat.

    Ok this needs a paragraph in itself to explain this one. I can't tell you how weird this went. I've come down the stairs and shot him as I said above. My first burst hit him squarely but I only see half his body as the rest is covered. Only one bullet hit him from my second burst. So this guys had 4 bullets now, right? Ok so now he's managed to bring his pistol (thank god it's just a pistol) to bear on me and he starts firing. We're at point blank remember. I take a hit, then another and then another. Whilst he's shooting me I'm shooting him except I think his shots in my chest are putting off my aim cos I'm firing and he ain't going down. Everything has gone into slow motion. It's like we're fighting in syrup, barely able to make fast movements. Each knowing that only one of us is going to live through this. Ha ha. I have my M16 - my LUCKY M16. I take a fourth bullet to the chest - I can count each one because from my point of view I'm getting shot once a second, well it feels that slow anyway. I let off another two bursts while he's still shooting at me. Blood hits me in the face. I see a look of agony on his face, feel his final breath on my cheek as he is flung against the wall behind him. Time is once again running at normal speed. That whole fire fight took less than 2 seconds.

    I'm in bloodlust mode. The objective targets, the drug lords, have been eliminated but there is one guy left. I hear Teee say something about leaving him. Poor guy has just seen me take 4 bullets to my chest. He probably thinks I'm not thinking straight. I'm not but I don't care - I'm not leaving any survivors now. I just walk into the room and fire one 3 round burst. The guy drops. I feel cheated. Where was the battle I wanted? I was back in the days of the warrior. Where death was fought up close and personal. Something had awoken inside of me. It was soon laid to rest though. The ease of that last kill brought me back to the present.

    Exiting the House things were not good. Manager was hit and hit bad. Him and blind had been fighting outside. When we got there it was all over. Blind was injecting morphine into managers arm. He mumbled something and then passed out. At least he wasn't dead. Death of a buddy on the battle field is unfair. You just stand there for a few seconds looking at the body. There's no time to mourn. No time to lay flowers or give a speech. It's just a quick, mumbled 'bad luck bud,' and then it's time to move again.

    Our objectives were complete and it was time to extract. Teee took point and moved along the road north of the house. Myself and blind go high on the hill. After what seems like a few steps Teee reports contacts at the bridge which is close to extraction. I move up slowly. I am high on the hill and I am soon above them. They don't see me. I count two, one more than Teee can see. I suggest this would be the perfect time for a GL. Blind gives the go ahead and I let them have one. Three bodies go down. Guess the other guy was hiding. Teee waits for us to join up with him before he moves out again on point. We hit the EP and secure it. We then go back and get Manager. He is still unconscious, probably a good thing. We call in the chopper and wait for the familiar sound of the blades above us.

    As we leave the jungle behind, I reflect on our mission. It was a success. An outstanding success. It looked as though Manager was going to live for another day and another evil-doer was taken out. But what about my new found colleagues and of the famous |TG| unit? My team performed above my expectations. They kicked arse against all odds. Credit goes to all three of them. Excellent leadership and excellent skills. Yeah these guys would do I think. I had respect for them. If these are the kind of soldier that makes up |TG| then I don't think I have anything to worry about. I hear they got women too!

    I close my eyes and smile. Once again the stink of the engines fill my nostrils but it is a comforting smell. I need a shower, some grub and a stiff drink. But first I need these damn slugs taken out of my chest.

    I pat my M16/203. Her luck once again proven on the field of battle. Did I tell you how much I like her?


    This story was written from my Ghost Recon days. It was when I had recently joined the TG community and is the story of one of the many missions I undertook with these guys. This was a typical way the we would approach and execute a GR mission. The GR team is made up of many individuals from many countries and all were excellent gamers and team players. Other than some obvious elaborations, the tactics and skills employed were left factual. This story goes to show how we used to play here at TG, hope you enjoyed it :)

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    Re: My Lucky M16

    Yes good immersion from that read Jex.

    The whole game experience is enriched if all digital warriors listen up to the battle plan then follow it and any battle field changes called.

    That enables write-ups like the above rather than any lone ranger reports on spray and pray.

    I much prefer knowing I'm going in with a task to perform through the battle objective and the awareness of looking out for my buddies intending to follow SL to the letter than be a loner following a spray and pray line.
    Get down to the penny arcade for that...........

    I'm wandering a little off your topic here Jex but it was a fine read.

    "I like a man who grins when he fights"
    Sir Winston Churchill




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