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The mid week battle this week is on Thursday

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  • The mid week battle this week is on Thursday

    Official information thread. Sorry for it being so late, guys.

    TIME: Thursday, November 1st, 2130 Eastern (1830 Pacific)
    WHO: We'll be teaming with the 9th Infantry, same as last week.

    SLOTS AVAILABLE: We have 10 slots allocated to Tactical Gamer. Sign up in this thread, please. If you can't make it (even if it's a last minute decision mere seconds before the battle begins) just let me know so I can update the roster.

    1. Gillespie
    2. Atomic Dog
    3. Grunt
    4. Longbow
    5. Ivan_the_bad
    6. NoDebate
    7. Tobrul

    1. Blackmain

    PRACTICE: Wednesday, Oct 31st, 2220 Eastern (1920 Pacific). NOT mandatory. Be on Tactical Gamer TS server 10 minutes prior to practice start time for more details.

    DETAILS: Not too many, at the moment. There's an official 9th practice session that we've been invited to attend tomorrow night (Wednesday); since it's a fairly last-minute head's-up, none of you are required to attend, but it is certainly encouraged. I'll update this thread with a practice time set-in-stone. Check here tomorrow when you get off work for the information.

    As for the battle? I'll again update this thread with the battle plan. Only details I'm sure off is that we'll be operating as an independant squad with our own mission. Probably a "behind the lines" sort of thing that we did in the previous battle... but that's simply speculation on my part.

    Direct quote from Rocksteel: "The map this week is similar to last week.This weeks map won't have any large helos instead 3 transport littlebirds on each side.The cities the teams are figthing for are Obregan,Mercalillo and Bagango.The 9th is playing on OPFOR starting off in Carmen.LSA is playing on Blufor starting off in Corozal at the main docks.
    The 9th has made an alliance with the 506th-PIR official and we're already working on teaming with the 506th-PIR for this battle."

    And yes, I'll be the dude in charge (squad leader) of this merry band of warriors for Thursday night. Any questions, concerns, comments? Just send a PM my way, no big deal.
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