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Absence and thw MWB of the 14th

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  • Absence and thw MWB of the 14th

    Before I begin, please do not find arrogance or any sort of poor quality within the message. I speak on behalf of RockSteel, 9th's leader from after the battle when we spoke. This is only a suggestion.

    The MWB didn't have the results we wanted. We didn't win. While, agreeably, there were several factors, one of the biggest I observed was that we were short in men.

    I don't mean that we didn't have a large enough fighting force. We simply had missing roles. Namely recon, as well as a larger air element.

    The 82nd was completely gone. Some other units were missing. TG had its own shortcomings early on when people's leavings left our armor short-staffed. This is an issue.

    I don't want to point the finger, create contempt of any sort, or bring anyone down. If anything, this is a discussion. I'd just like to point out that we should take these matches just a little more seriously. This was a note made by RockSteel. It'd be healthier if we practiced and made our roster more concrete.

    We've a very competent fighting force here in TG. I think if they were fighting, we'd have a shot at winning these.

    Again, don't take this offensively. I know we all have lives. RockSteel holds mid week battles because of his own (he works on Saturday.) So if we can make it a practice to guarantee our arrival, or bring up our reserves, we can avoid disappointing the other elements (not saying we ever did.)

    Thanks for reading.

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    Re: Absence and thw MWB of the 14th

    For me its less about the winning and more about the good teamwork that is present in the TG team.

    Don't get me wrong...I like to win just as much as the next guy. But its an afterthought, not a primary motivation. Take Wednesday's battle for example. I'm a ground pounder and love the infantry. I stink at armor and what was our assignment?--small armoured unit engaging the forward elements of the enemy advance. I knew we'd die over and over again. It's just too easy to kill armor at long distances with the air assets. Even with that I was pleased as punch to be a part of the the man TG team.

    I'm not saying your not a team player, in fact you were a good team player on Wednesday. Just a gut check reaction to your post is all.
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      Re: Absence and thw MWB of the 14th

      To be honest, for me, it doesn't even go down to the teamwork as much as it does to having fun (although being a team is very enjoyable for me.)

      The thing is, 9th is more serious than us. More or less as an act of courtesy, I think we oughta step up our game a bit.

      Then again, 9th did even go so far as to say we were quite brave in our peformance. I believe I did hear kudos for sticking around even as we [I] constantly got fragged. I just really didn't like having to double-shift as a commander and a gunner. Hey, this type of discussion belongs in the AAR, what am I thinking.

      Just keep it in mind, guys. A practice wouldn't hurt, I'd enjoy improving my armor skills. I propose a sticky thread dedicated to practice dates and times if enough people would like it. It's one of the ways I myself could become more involved in TG (I haven't been all that much.)


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        Re: Absence and thw MWB of the 14th

        Hello TG,Please allow me to jump in here.From the very beginning I'm talking the the first 30 seconds of the battle things didn't start off well.There was a problem for a player trying to board a helo.The pilot waited giving him some time to get in and it took a bit.The 506th jumped in to flag 10 area with almost perfection and was ready to take the flag seconds after their boots hit the ground.The chopper going to 9 didn't take off as it should have.I place no blame there.The next time the chopper powers up and starts to take off there it goes there won't be delays especially at the start of a battle when timing is everything.

        The enemy took 9,8 and 7 in a matter of a 2 minutes or so.The complete darkness threw a few members off on their way to their AO.The armored column was taken out rather quickly no fault to anyone they just happened to locate it and destroy it without hesitation.

        When I flew myself to Pita to fire the arty I ended up ditching the helo and the parachute got me at 50 feet off the ground.When I finally made it back to Pita and started dropping arty on their heads we started pushing forward again.This was possible because of alot of teamwork between the squads in position to get things done.The enemy blowing up the bridges didn't help the route that the tanks were then forced to take

        Hades in the the Cobra destroy most of their armor anywhere near the flags we were trying to take.The fact that the aircraft took as long as they did to respawn didn't help our effort much.The last 1/2 hour of the battle we made 1 good final push towards flag by capping 7 and 8.The problem there was we didnt have the Cobra in the air the 5 minutes of the battle.

        The teamwork was there.The 82nd not showing up put an immediate strain on the plan.Had they shown up and the 3rd Infantry taken the 4 FFAR choppers I do not believe the other team wouldn't have stood a chance of winning the battle.The tanks will be more effective in the next battle.Bringing everything together by timing our attacks in mass will have the enemy retreating back to hold 9 and not being able to attack passed flag 8.

        Let's all keep the motivation level where it needs to be.If we plan our attacks and coordinate everyone into the strategy there's no stopping us.

        There are 10 slots available for TG.As long as TG can continue to bring this many to the battle the number of slots won't go down.I will be talking to you guys sometime Monday about this weeks battle in detail.


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          Re: Absence and thw MWB of the 14th

          These Wed. night battles are almost a impossibility for me to attend because of my work schedule for the holidays.


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            Re: Absence and thw MWB of the 14th

            Im have a hard time finding fault with the TG element from last weeks battle. Yes our roster was slightly less then we had signed up, however we still had enough players to fulfill the armor role. I was a little dissapointed that our numbers were not at max capacity as we did have a reserve list to draw from. But I know that real life trumps the event.

            The players leaving our squad were from another clan which we had no control over. I left the battle very early to restart my computer which took me out of action for 15 minutes, I had no choice in the matter. 82nd not showing up is not a TG issue. I think Grunt had to do a restart as well but was back in game within 15 minutes as well. Both of us were tank #2 and Squinty kept it going on his in own our absence.

            I would love to have more information leading up to the battle and I appologize if there is a venue for this I'm not aware of. Every mwb I have played I learn the plan about 10 minutes before it starts and don't see the map until I'm in game. To me this is a large handicap. So a practice would accomplish some teamwork development but I find that the regular TG members are very dependable in any role. If we had a screen shot of the map we could at least scout on our own time and possibly come up with some rally points etc. Currently I don't see what we can practice that won't be gained from just jumping on a server to play Arma together.

            Don't take this responce as hostile Nikolia this is just my view on the current situation and the points you made. I enjoyed the event and was happy with our squads work even if it was an uphill battle :)


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              Re: Absence and thw MWB of the 14th

              Just to clarify why I didn't join, I was still trying to get the server IP right when we were asked to hop over to the MWB TS, so I started browsing the TG channels to see where the MWB TS was. By the time I figured out that this MWB TS was actually outside TG, everyone had already left, so without the right server IP nor the needed TS info I was enable to join up. Tried to google a few minutes to find the 9th MWB server IP but couldn't find, so at a certain point I left. Just too early cause as turned out Atomic Dog had PM-ed me shortly after with the TS info.

              Anyway better luck next time, wouldn't want me as your chauffeur anyway, my driving is more scary than a Khamov. :p


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                Re: Absence and thw MWB of the 14th

                I can tell you these MWB's are really a great time for during the week. For sure makes wednesday a day to look forward to.




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