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  • Need Some Help Here

    I'm confused.......
    I'm a supporting member so should this allow me to post/comment in the sops forum where the above 2 posts come from, if so I can not hence this post.

    1/ are these to posts by Big C talking about the same thing, if so I take it that the later dated one prevails?

    2/ Precisely where/which is the SM forum that Big C talks about?

    3/ also the ArmA server forum still only lists 2 servers evo and coop.

    It would seem sensible if someone could list in ONE place all the details of what & when arma is on.

    I'm a supporting member who is begining to wonder what arma needs I'm supporting as all though I am keen to play REAL arma I seem of late to be finding little or nothing to get tagged in.

    I do note that there seems some talk about various game styles which frankly I have no interest in what so ever.
    Racing truck or tanks in arma or drug dealing dont crack it with me.

    If this is to be at the expense of REAL arma then I think I'll have to continue to look else where as I am doing just now for my doses of arma.

    In fact my only TG server time is on the CoD4 servers just now.

    If somebody can make sense of my ramble and straighten out any mis-understanding I may have made then that would help as I was enjoying my arma time here.

    Cheers & thanks
    "I like a man who grins when he fights"
    Sir Winston Churchill

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    Re: Need Some Help Here

    The server schedule change is due to the SM server standing up. In the SM forum (Thread), it gives the password, yes only SMs will be able to view the thread.. Now the website does need a update to reflect the 3rd server (formally the event). Due to a issue with the scheduling program we use, I have to use a virtual 3rd server. Hopefully I will crack that nut in the next day or so. I do owe the group here a solid schedule as to what is happening each night of the week, the admin team and myself are finalizing it now. The 2 posts you cited above both are correct, they are just 2 explanations to 2 things that are changing, but yes they are related.

    As for the style of play. There will be no crap with racing things that are on the CoOp server, ever. If the Supporting Members would like a distraction from the normal CoOp style of play or better yet Evo, we will give it to them. That is the whole concept of the SM server, allow you to pick exactly what you are in the mood to play. So you may see things like that there as well as some content we might be testing for possible rotation on either the Persistent or CoOp. Lastly, the CoOp will not be affected by anything, minus a event as usual. That style of play is the core of ArmA her at TG and will continue to be so long after Evo has either evolved or disappeared.

    This is all about more choice. I would not stress that anything is currently changing where servers will disappear or pop-up. I encourage you to post any other questions you may have, it can only help the group by hearing an explanation.

    The Big C -sends
    "The chief foundations of all states, new as well as old or composite, are good laws and good arms; and as there cannot be good laws where the state is not well armed, it follows that where they are well armed they have good laws." -Machiavelli


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      Re: Need Some Help Here

      Cheers C

      Read & understood

      Thanks for your time.
      "I like a man who grins when he fights"
      Sir Winston Churchill




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