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  • New Player needs help!

    Hey Guys and Gals,

    I am new to this forum. I am interested in joining a serious mature group that likes to practice smart tactics in ArmA. I am not interested in joining a group that just runs around and shoots ala Counter Strike. If you know of one or if you are in one and are willing to take on a new player then I am your man. I love ArmA because of it's high degree of realism. This is the sort of thing I am looking for. The group doesn't have to be a military simulation, as it is a game after all. Anyways please help me

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    Re: New Player needs help!

    TG is definitely a different experience for sure. That being said, we do not play the games here like most public servers do. The overall concept is to simulate real life, as much as possible. Read some posts and the Primer and see what you think.

    That being said, TG is not for everyone by far. Some people do not share the same mentality towards the games that we host, but that is fine too. Look around and decide for yourself....
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