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How is this compared to BF2?

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  • How is this compared to BF2?

    I want to try another FPS game other then the BF2.Thinking of this game or Call Of Duty.
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    Re: How is this compared to BF2?

    Depends on what you are looking for, if you want a more tactical experianse and a combat simulator Arma is the game for you, but if you are more into fas paced FPS games with some tactical parts COD4 is the game you are looking for.

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      Re: How is this compared to BF2?

      If you have patience and enjoy realism, Armed Assault. If not Call of Duty.
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        Re: How is this compared to BF2?

        Originally posted by tHa_KhAn View Post
        If you have patience and enjoy realism, Armed Assault. If not Call of Duty.

        Khan hit it on the enjoy this title takes patience. Arma is like the ANTI BF2. One thing BF2 does really well was organize the teams into a static command structure that is really seamless to the gameplay. Arma has nothing really like that and so to find organization and teamwork takes continual effort. Some find that appealing, I do...and some don't.

        For myself I've been on an Armed Assault hiatus but that's going to end pretty soon. I've been itiching for some drawn out coop action...

        that's the other it's played at TG now, most of the action is player vs. AI, not player vs. player.

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          Re: How is this compared to BF2?

          You may want to try out the Project Reality mod for BF2. It is kind of a stepping stone between Arma and BF2. If you can live with the slower pace of PR compared to BF2 it won't be as much of a shock when you try out Arma. The game play is slow in one sense. It takes time to get your gear, coordinate a plan with your squad and actually get to the hotzone. Once your actually in a battle the pace is anything but slow, alot of things happen very fast and if you don't pay attention you can be dead in seconds. If there are respawns on a mission the fact that it can take 5-10 minutes to get back to your squad from main base really makes you value your life. In BF2 if you die you respawn fairly close to the action or on your SL

          I haven't played Arma in a few weeks now and the server is very low for player count right now so be warned. I think if we can get people excited again to play with some properly sized missions we can get the numbers back up.


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            Re: How is this compared to BF2?

            You have two choices...BF2 = arcade and one tired and worn out game OR ArmA = simulator..based on real action..yes it can be slow to get back into Battle and like LONG BOW said..It really makes you value your life in the field, you have to think before you poke your head around the corner..I really think peeps vs peeps is the best way to go, its better to relay on another's mistake and make them pay the price for being slow...Them Ai's are to fast for


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              Re: How is this compared to BF2?

              From the little I have played ArmA, I kind of like it. It's different than BF2 or PR so don't look one to replace another. The only issue for me right now is actually getting enough people on TG to play. Hopefully 1.09 will fix that.




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