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  • Back on track.

    Hey all, been a while. I'm glad to see TG ArmA seems to be gaining some life again. I hope to be playing ArmA again (I quit in October and haven't even played since) now that I have more free time.

    I'll be on later today if the op still needs another and see if I can re-learn how not to be a kill-whore (Call of Duty 4 and it's hypnotic kill spam). I do hope that we have adopted more TvT matches & higher quality Co-op missions and less of that mind numbing persistent world junk (was fun for the first month, in June).

    Anyhow, I'm patching to the 1.09 to make sure it will still work and re-programming my keys and my mouse. Also, when I quit a bunch of sweet sound mods were being released but the installation processes were way over my head; have these mods advanced any since? because I remember being shocked at how pitiful the stock sounds were.

    Thanks and hu-ahh (or whatever you soldier-y types say)

    *edit* Been gone longer than I thought, I'm still with the 1.07 patch. Does any happen to have a link to a 1.08 mirror?
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    Re: Back on track.

    Welcome back! :D
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