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Chammy's Sound and 1.09beta?

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  • Chammy's Sound and 1.09beta?

    So I just dl'ed Chammys Sound Mod, extracted the files to a @CSM folder and the sub folder AddOn and I added the [email protected] into the target of the beta shortcut. Are these compatible or do I need to make those folders inside the beta folder (tried it and that isn't working either).

    Very much appreciate any answer if anyone knows why I don't get awesome sounds yet and many thanks in advance. :P
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    Re: Chammy's Sound and 1.09beta?

    The @CSM folder should be in your main ArmA folder, not the beta folder.

    I am also not sure if they are just typos in your post but the folder inside the @CSM folder should be called "Addons". Also in the shortcut you have to proceed "mod" with a "-". Try this is in your shortcut:

    [email protected];@CSM

    Separating the mods/addons with semicolons is the easiest way to load multiple mods/addons. If you have more just add another ";" and continue.

    I hope that helps, give it a shot and let us know! Good luck!


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      Re: Chammy's Sound and 1.09beta?

      Thanks for the help loyal, but unfortunately I am still having no success getting it to work with 1.09 (works fine for 1.08 though). I've taken in your advice, but no luck. One thing though is in the shortcut's Target, the first 'mod' is:

      -mod=beta .

      I was under the impression that the "-" was only needed on the first mod, followed ";" for any additional mods, or am I still mistaken?

      Additionally I did change the folder from "AddOns" to "Addons" (lower-case O), but still no Chammy Sounds. I wanted to mention that ArmAholics tutorial on running mods say to use the former spelling of "AddOns"(with an uppercase O), perhaps its just a typo but that tutorial has been there for quite a while.

      Another thing I briefly glanced at mentioned that the 1.09 patch needs the "@CSM" to be changed to (I may be wrong since I lost track of the post on an obscure forum) "@ChammySoundMod" or something simulair to initialize. I can't back that up, but I swear I read it somewhere.

      More help would be appreciated on this subject, please.


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        Re: Chammy's Sound and 1.09beta?

        Nevermind, I solved it by just placing the .pbo's into ArmA/AddOns folder. I realise that folder is for making a mod auto-run at start-up, but these sounds are too good not to be used everytime.

        Thanks for the help regardless Royal.




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