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Sunday April 20th; Coop Event

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  • Sunday April 20th; Coop Event

    !!!Please read all of this post before asking any questions!!!

    This is a TG CO-op session open to Supporting, Non-Supporting members and guests that will take place on the Armed Assault Coop server.

    We will be playing on a server using the 1.12 Patch!

    What not to post:
    • Do I have to sign up? No. But signing up helps ensure the squads are filled and players get their desired roles.
    • "It's not fair! I keep getting pushed out by Supporting Members!" Become one.
    • "Can you change the date?" No, the date is confirmed.
    • "How come the time has changed from the old events?" This is to allow for more participation from all of our player base.

    Date: Sunday, 20th of April 2008 - 1600 HOURS EST (2100 GMT) until 2000 HOURS EST (0100 GMT)

    Players will be required for TeamSpeak roll call 30 minutes before the session. We will use the in-game VON, but TS will be used for organization at the beginning and any messages during the game which do not get conveyed properly.

    Game information:
    • The server will be locked for the 1st few missions, this means no joining in progress will be allowed. Do not be late!
    • We will utilize the Comms SOP that has been posted, so be aware of how they work and your responsibilities.
    • We will be enforcing "dead men can't talk" rules if on TS. This means that if players are killed, they can't make death gurgle noises or any other sound that indicates their death. Chat away on in-game VON with the group channel. This channel will only be heard by dead team mates

    How to sign up:


    Players who no-show without notice for a session may be precluded from participating in the following session. Don't let your team mates down! Only sign up if you intend to play, you must provide at least 24 hours if you need to withdraw.
    Commanders and Squad Leaders to be determined on Friday based on input from this thread. Members are strongly encouraged to step forward as leader.
    Sign up for leaders closes 24 hours prior to the Event.

    You must include the following information with your sign-up:
    • In-House Division (Unaffiliated if none).
    • Leadership Abilities (Commander, Squad Leader, Fireteam Leader, Squad Member, etc.)
    • Specialities (Include Vehicles).

    • Players will be signed up on a first-come first-served basis for specific roles .
    • Sign up is not mandatory, but is encouraged.
    • Supporting Members get precedence in the order they sign up, then Non-Supporting Members afterwards. Your SM status at the time of signup determines which list you will be on. Once you post, you cannot become a SM later to work your way up the list.
    • Leaders (MC, SL, etc) may not hand over your spot to another specific player. This is to allow for better organization.

    Anybody who doesn't make it on the active roster via sign up will be limited on the choice of roles for the mission. I urge reserves to still turn up for TeamSpeak roll call, since there are always a few no-shows.


    Server: - This is the Armed Assault event server
    Password: To be revealed over TeamSpeak immediately before the session(see below).

    Please note that all other TG ArmA servers will be closed during this event!!

    Mission selection:
    • TBD - By 1st mission leader to volunteer!!
    • TBD - Possibly a TvT if enough sign up..
    • TBD


    Total Players:

    • ednos **
    • mikeman
    • Rambo98
    • Static
    • Fenian420
    • NoDebate
    • BarnacleofDoom **
    • Jaman
    • tonnyrat
    • JumpArtist *
    • Atomic Dog**
    • coucho

    • Redd_Wiggler
    • Delta *

    * indicates player is willing to Squad Lead
    ** indicates player is willing to Fireteam Lead
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    Re: Sunday April 20th; Coop Event

    4th-FR, FTL, Civilian Affairs
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      Re: Sunday April 20th; Coop Event

      I'm in.

      10th Tactical Guard
      Willing Fire Team Leader, reluctant platoon leader
      Willing to fly dedicated transport for hours at a time.
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        Re: Sunday April 20th; Coop Event

        -patrol commander in real life; limited ArmA experience (so just squad member this time)
        -whatever role required (except filling the jerry cans or offloading ammo cans)

        Looking forward to getting out with you guys


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          Re: Sunday April 20th; Coop Event

          Pfc.Rambo reporting for duty!

          Squad leader, Fireteam leader
          anything with 4 wheels, boats



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            Re: Sunday April 20th; Coop Event

            I have been playing the past few days on the sever and it's a blast !!!! I like to lurk the forums but decided to join up. First off, let me say thanks for the great sever and would love to play, well if the wife lets me 8)

            -Jack AKA "Static"




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              Re: Sunday April 20th; Coop Event

              -Willing to do just about anything (though due to the day probably best just as squad member)
              -Any vehicle is good for me, Im not all too good at flying helos quickly (landings and evacs but if it comes down to it I can then), I am good however at flying any sort of blue airplane whether it be A10 or the harrier.

              NOTE: May not be able to join up, is a bad day to pick the Event on for all us city kids (especially for Seattle) but If im there in time then I'll definitely be willing to play.
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                Re: Sunday April 20th; Coop Event

                can i put myself down for a maybe?

                willing to try just about any role
                can gun a tank, would like to gun an apache.

                it all depends on what my wife has planned for me for sunday tho...i will try to finish the honey-do list on sat :D


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                  Re: Sunday April 20th; Coop Event

                  Squad Lead / FTL
                  Recon / Demolitions / Jet Pilot / Helo Pilot (No I won't crash the AH-6 this time Xen)


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                    Re: Sunday April 20th; Coop Event

                    Most likely be open schedule wise and able to join in again...

                    Prefer squaddie but FTL if absolutely necessary.
                    Armor or most infantry positions


                    One shot - One miss!


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                      Re: Sunday April 20th; Coop Event

                      Im in, bloody hope i can make it

                      TG-X, maybe ill finally get to play in Grunts squad!?!?
                      Hairy assed squaddy!
                      Pref any inf, or Jav man, can air trans if required also.


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                        Re: Sunday April 20th; Coop Event

                        Squad Member
                        Desired, AR MG, but any i can do any inf role
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                        |TG| Jaman


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                          Re: Sunday April 20th; Coop Event

                          4th Force Recon
                          SL, FTL
                          SpecOps/Recon, Sniper


                          Atomic Dog: Do it, hit it with a crowbar!
                          Delta: I don't have a crowbar.
                          Atomic Dog: Hit it with the dog!

                          Ednos: I just need to man up and get ready to have a testicle removed (which is what using Vista feels like)


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                            Re: Sunday April 20th; Coop Event

                            Squad Member
                            Desired Role: AR MG or other roles with a red-dot sight or ACOG, alternate role as vehicle support gunner.

                            I can operate efficiently as an Automatic Rifleman for foot support, or as a vehicle gunner if applicable. As an FYI: I am absolute crap with the M4/M16 iron sights, so if I get plunked in a basic rifleman slot, It'd be great if I could get a red dot sight at the very least. :)

                            However, as a caution, I may or may not be able to attend depending on circumstances surrounding my work as the weekend ramps up into the new work week.


                            P.S. I noticed that most, if not all, missions in TG rarely make use of vehicles' weaponry, and even more rarely, an M1A1 Abrams. I understand that it could be "overkill", but it'd be neat if we did an infantry mission with a tank as support. ;)
                            Hey guys, this is a public service announcement from NKato. I am Deaf, so when the helo goes down, you're best off typing "AAAAAAAAIIIEEEEE!!!" instead of attempting to scream it. Thanks!


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                              Re: Sunday April 20th; Coop Event

                              squad member
                              Rifle.ACOG/AT/Javelin/AH1 Gunner




                              TeamSpeak 3 Server


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