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My first ArmA Experience

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  • My first ArmA Experience

    Last night was the first time I ever tried ArmA. Dl'ed the game from steam and installed the patch with the tips from the TG server threads, and with the help of Bc2id I was able to participate in a few player vs player missions.

    It was awesome, thank you to all the guys last night who were patient with me, I know for probably the next bunch of times I will be asking questions but thank you for being patient and understanding on my trial run. I will definitely have to down load the control system on how to change fire etc and will also have to change my ts button so i don't end up talking on the global or group channel.

    ArmA is completely different of what I expected, It is a bit confusing with the control system but it is a lot of fun!! Also thanks to Bamboo, we finished an objective last night that he was having some trouble on in the previous day and by the end of the round there were 4 of us on the COOP server and we were able to take down the arty piece that was part of the objective.

    **how do i find out what my ArmA ID is??

    I am really liking this game, it is similiar to PR in some respects but totally different in others, and I know i will have to take some time and really use the tutorials to my advantage (something PR as a mod doesn't really have) I am also enjoying not being able to jump it only adds to the realistic qualities of the game and the graphics are right on, plus I also like that it is in Miles in regards to distance.....though i should know how many kilometers are in a mile but I'm in the US and i never really had to learn any of it.....

    I also like that the distance really adds a realistic visual effect to the game, you really have to look and see if in fact there is a person coming towards you or if its just a tree in the distance blowing in the wind.

    I am hoping to be on again tonight, and am interested in getting some good COOP games going (i really like the AI, and how they adapt to the surroundings and also try and flank you etc, and go on patrols etc) As I am working on excel at work, I'm also watching band of brothers on youtube and i can see how vital squad formations were for our boys in WW2 but how vital they are in ArmA as well.

    Thanks again, and hopefully tonight I will be more on point, I am not up to the level of squad leading (just trying to make sure i am going in the right direction in the map is a step for me) but I am willing to learn once i get the hang of it, and will be willing to lead!

    Thanks, and I hope to see you guys on this evening!!

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    Re: My first ArmA Experience

    Great news mate...more and more long time TGers are picking up this game and learning why its so good. I've been working like a dog the last couple of weeks and have had less gaming time... but you'll see me on the ARMA scene I'm sure. Welcome to the phun that is TG ARMA.
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      Re: My first ArmA Experience

      Originally posted by Delta*RandyShugart* View Post
      **how do i find out what my ArmA ID is??
      Good to have you on the ArmA side of things you doppelganger!! Anyhoo, to answer your question, on the starting menu, where you choose Single, MP, Options, etc., there's a icon in the top left corner of your screen that should have your name and what-not. Click that icon and your ArmA ID should be in there somewhere.

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        Re: My first ArmA Experience

        Welcome to TG ArmA, looking forward to playing with (or against) you :)

        Regarding the Arma ID issue, the first screenshots from this thread should help you:

        The interface has quite a bit of a learning curve, here's some hints that might help you accomodate faster:
        Default keybinds
        Extra interface tips

        I suggest to try binding your push to talk keys for speaking in each channel separately.

        Also, let's not forget the tactics guide:
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          Re: My first ArmA Experience

          Welcome aboard Randy ! Glad to hear you are so into it despite the minor difficulties involved! Keep up the good work.


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            Re: My first ArmA Experience


            Permit me to second Vic's suggested reading above. Dslyecxi has done an excellent job creating a guide that is quite helpful.

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              Re: My first ArmA Experience

              Randy Hi,

              For your first night you were doing very well mate and I enjoyed playing on the same squad as you. Hopefully some of the things I was doing as SL made sense, despite the server probs.

              It's a very good team of fellas and ladies on this server and generally everyone enjoys taking different roles.

              See you "in the field" again soon.


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                Re: My first ArmA Experience

                Yeah, i was thinking about buying arma but once i tried the demo version i was very displeased. iam still thinking of trying it again but this time the full version. Anything i need to know?


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                  Re: My first ArmA Experience

                  The demo is like arma in its pre beta stages...

                  Arma itself plays much much better, I'd reccomend watching some videos if your still playing the demo, The videos IMO show more what arma is like than the demo does.
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                    Re: My first ArmA Experience

                    yeah...i HATED the demo, but for $30 on d2d i went for it anyway, and i am not dissapointed at all. I have been in your squad in PR liquid, and i am pretty sure from the quality of you leadership that you will like this game ALOT.




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