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RPG-7 vs RPG-7R

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  • RPG-7 vs RPG-7R

    Does anyone know the difference between these 2 types of RPG? I haven't been able to locate anything.

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    Re: RPG-7 vs RPG-7R

    Originally posted by vanity11 View Post
    Does anyone know the difference between these 2 types of RPG? I haven't been able to locate anything.
    Specifications of RPG-7s grenades
    PG-7VM ---1969--300mm - 500m-300mps
    PG-7VS ----1973-400mm--500m- 300mps
    PG-7VL ----1975--500mm- 200m- 200mps
    PG-7VR ----1988--X00mm- 200m (tandem warhead)

    RPG 29 Wampire

    Tandem Warhead means..

    Originally posted by wikipedia
    A tandem-charge weapon is an explosive device or projectile that has two or more stages of detonation. It is effective against cage armor as well as reactive armor which is designed to protect an armored vehicle (mostly tanks) against anti-tank arsenal. [1] The first stage of the weapon triggers the reactive armor of the target, limiting its effectiveness. However, after the reactive armor has protected the vehicle from the primary attack, it is no longer "reactive" in that location (since reactive armour is primarily a one-time defense solution) and the location is left more vulnerable. The second detonation from the same projectile (which defines it as a tandem charge) attacks the same location as the first detonation where the reactive armor has been compromised. Since the regular armor plating is often the only defense remaining, the tandem charge (second detonation) has an increased likelihood of penetrating the armor.

    The PG-7VR warhead for the RPG-7 rocket launcher and the more modern RPG-29 rocket are examples of tandem charges. Additionally, many American missiles use the tandem charges because they were designed in the Cold War era to counter the reactive armor that was a common feature on Soviet tanks. Examples of American missiles that use tandem charges include the BGM-71 TOW and the Hellfire.
    Fascinating, however.. the practical difference in Armed Assault is that the "R" variant has a marginally higher velocity and therefore flatter trajectory and better range.
    Oh, and if you're playing the Royal Flush campaign from the Queen's Gambit expansion they cost $100 more from the arms dealer :)
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      Re: RPG-7 vs RPG-7R

      HA, thanks! I was just logging in to post that after finding the same details!

      nice work, thankyou


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        Re: RPG-7 vs RPG-7R

        Oh niiiice. Been wondering for a while now

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          Re: RPG-7 vs RPG-7R

          So it looks like when playing Evo Red, you should choose the RPG-7VR each time. It's a newer model RPG with dual warheads.

          And if anything needs dual warheads, it's those damn M1A1s. Those things are monsters.


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            Re: RPG-7 vs RPG-7R

            ..Or tanks.

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