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  • Warfare challange?

    In addition to being a part of TG with sunday co-ops/some courses, i'm also a part of the 9thinfantry squad. I know there was a small unit warfare tournament with TG which is put on hold due to lack of teams...for now.
    that being said, would anyone at TG be interested in getting together a team of 10-____ to have a fun match in a week or two's time?
    - would be run at the most convenient time for all involved
    - Warfare 1.1 would be used
    - rules to be agreed upon by participating, ranking members of both sides

    key here is to get the teams focusing on squad/brigade level tactics and procedures; building a general strategy to be enacted on and to practice it.
    while the obvious goal is to play hard and to win... above all else the aim is to have fun, play competatively and get people of the ArmA community out and involved.

    if there's interest, let me know and i'll start getting our side ready to go
    Thanks and see you guys on the field



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