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Interesting observation reading OFP2 and ArmedA2 forums.

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  • Interesting observation reading OFP2 and ArmedA2 forums.

    I've been keeping an eye on the two and something that is becoming glaring obvious is what appears to be a difference mentality in the player base visiting the forums.

    OFP2 "wish lists" seem to consist of such things as BF2 style unlocks/ranks , more body dismemberment for "realism" etc. :row__688: Not much is said about co-op or SP gaming.Of course there are also quit a few more serious requests for sounds,weapons etc.

    ArmedA 2 "wish list" seems to concentrate more on better AI for better co-op /sp play :row__533:(as well as the requests for sounds,weapons etc.).

    A quick judgement based on these observations would tend to lead me to believe OFP2 will be populated primarily by your average teen age FPS :madsmile: while ArmedA 2 will attract the more mature player.:row1_27:

    Of course this is a gross generalization but interesting (to me anyway) non the less.:icon_eek: :p
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    Re: Interesting observation reading OFP2 and ArmedA2 forums.

    To complicate it further if OFP2 is more BF2 style but they support the mod community and allow for lots of editing etc. you could then in theory create a solid tactical mod for it.

    However Arma IMO supports the mod community and there is already a proven mod community in place, the same can't be said for OFP2.

    Good observations BeerHunter, time will tell :row__593:




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