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ArmA Support And Patching Plans

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  • ArmA Support And Patching Plans

    You can read it all here

    Seems there will be various beta patches (again), followed by a final and last Patch for ArmA.

    Originally posted by Spanel Bros

    We hoped you would not ask, but since you did :) .... well, the fact is we are unable to tell you when, as we do not know yet. Most likely there will be a beta stage again, followed by a stable release. All the three "major" fixes are already implemented, we would like to test them internally first, so that we can be reasonably confident we do not re-release the patch quickly. Once this is done, we need to first prepare a public beta patch to ensure new bug fixes really fixed all issues and didn't introduce some unwanted side effects. It is probably safe to assume the new final, stable release is only a few months away.

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    Re: ArmA Support And Patching Plans

    We will probably do what we have done in the past and try it out on one sever while leaving the other alone for a week. If the specified improvement to the Dedicated server are correct, I will surely get it up as fast as I can.
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