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  • GMT/Newbie questions

    I'm currently thinking about buying ArmA; are there a lot of players online during GMT times? Is there something I should know besides the SOPs? How is the learning curve? I've played Operation Flashpoint quite a while ago, but ArmA looks much more complicated (not that it would turn me away, I like complicated games, but I'd like to know how much I'd have to practice before logging onto the TG server and actually being able to contribute to my team)...

    I hope someone can help me with my questions, thanks in advance.

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    Re: GMT/Newbie questions


    since I am located in Berlin, Germany, I have a similar problem, the best games are unfortunately on in the early morning hours in Europe (like from 2-7 a.m.). If you don't have to get up early, that's no problem though. ;-)

    To see the amount of players around the day, you can have a look at gametracker*com (search for Arma servers and "tactical", you will find the two servers). The player distribution graph on the right side is pretty accurate, so you will know when most people are on.

    As for Arma <-> OFP: Arma is pretty much the same thing, there are not too many differences in the handling. If you were able to handle OFP (and liked it), then Arma will pose no problem for you. Being able to contribute to the team is not overly hard, listen to the leading players and act reasonably is a good start. For other things like playing the lead yourself or controlling air vehicles, you surely need to spend some time praticing (the former is more a matter of experience, the latter of exercise ;-)).


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      Re: GMT/Newbie questions

      I would say the most important thing to have a good ArmA experience to get and use a microphone (headset preferably).

      It really helps immersion and coordination a LOT.

      I used to play a fair bit of OFP (good ol' OFP demo, you could make missions from that sucker!), the controls in ArmA seem a little bit easier to handle. Some people say the animations are more "sluggish" and not as responsive, but I didn't really notice a difference.

      As for how much practice you need ... almost nil. Just take a quick look over your keybinds, and if you have a certain preference, assign them. Main thing is to get the VON keys working, ALWAYS use the Push to Talk option. If you can get your VON working, join the server and simply say it is your first time playing. Pretty much anyone on the server will be able to help you out and get you situated.


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        Re: GMT/Newbie questions

        Thanks for stopping by. We're always looking for players who are looking for communication based teamwork in a mature environment. Just give a shout out when joining the server and let us know it's your first time. We'll have no problem getting an old hand to help you out as you learn how ARMA on TG works.

        mic- check
        willing to follow orders - check
        mature teamplay - check

        If you can check all three of the above you will do great.

        Welcome aboard.
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          Re: GMT/Newbie questions

          There are lots of us that will be happy to help you get up to speed.

          And also, about the EURO play times, I really think it is something that could get going easily. Right now I think a lot of EURO players wait to get on late when US players are playing, but if more EURO players would jump in early, more EURO players would join. I see it happen over and over. If I am doing some testing mid day, and the server is empty, I jump in and all of a sudden people start joining.

          I know it is hard to jump into an empty server, but I think it really does take 1-2 players to get things rolling. Take the time to practice with the BlackHawk or other vehicle that will respawn. :D


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            Re: GMT/Newbie questions

            It's not exactly COD4 when it comes to players online, but there are usually over 100 players on.

            There is a lot to learn, but people on this server are very helpful.


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              Re: GMT/Newbie questions

              for the past two days Ive been on first and it takes probaly 20 mins before a EURO play hops on. Also lone wolfing side missions on your own isnt to bad it does get frustrating after a while but it occupies enough time for other players to join :)
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                Re: GMT/Newbie questions

                Hello nathrael, glad to see you are considering this game, it will certainly change the way you play games in the future! I'm a euro player, in the UK, so pretty similar to your time.

                Like it was mentioned above, even if empty, just jump in server, it does tend to fill up pretty quick! Also, if you use teamspeak jump on the ArmA channel!

                Generally, the server full up around 11pm GMT, and stays that way until around 8am, I know, I have stayed up all night and morning playing! Best nights to play are Sundays, but if you can commit to a late night do, you don't have to be on as late as I say and you will still enjoy it! And anytime you jump in just let us know you are new and you will be fine!

                Hope to see you in sahrani!




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