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Anyone else want more TvT scenario games? Here's my idea.

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  • Anyone else want more TvT scenario games? Here's my idea.


    I’m new to the Arma scene and I love it, but I’m really dying to play some good team vs team multiplayer. Killing the AI is fun, but it just isn’t the same as playing against a person. Conversely, I’m not really interested in the typical cap the flag/hold ground flavor of TvT. That’s why I’ve outlined an idea for a scenario TvT below. With a big group of good guys, of which there is no shortage on the TG server, we could have some amazing TvT games.

    My mission idea:


    • Assassinate the enemy general.


    • Nato would get 1 revive only while the opfor are allowed unlimited respawns, (from a nearby base, as long as the radio tower is still standing.

    • The radio tower would be used to call in reinforcements for opfor. This would work in batches, though. For example, once 3 (maybe I would make it 4) opfor died they would respawn at a nearby base with a transport vehicle and would be able to move to drive to their base and help protect the general. The spawn in groups system would prevent a lot of “one man army” types. This means that the first and second opfor would be spectators (with black screens so they couldn’t give intel) until the third opfor died. At that time, the group respawns at selected nearby base and can drive to reinforce. This would happen continuously until the radio tower (located within opfor base) is destroyed.

    • I would set the squad system up like similar to the domination system. With that system you can form any groups you want during the game.


    • Opfor would start out at a base where they would have control of an AI general.

    • Opfor could place the general wherever they wanted within the base (he would not be able to leave the base), and there objective would be to keep him alive.

    • Opfor would also have the above mentioned radio tower that would be destroyable only by c4.

    • Nato would start off in a base relatively far away. They would have transport trucks or blackhawks. They would have to formulate a plan, move to insertion, and take out the general.

    My vision of the gameplay:


    The opfor would be concentrated within the base. There would be a group on guard duty, a group outside the wire on combat patrols, and a group of quick reaction force to backup the group on patrol if the make contact. There could also be a group that sets up listening/observation posts around the area. Of course, these groups could rotate duties throughout the game.


    The NATO group would assemble into groups and plan their assault. The key to success for these guys would be destroying the radio tower. I would imagine an sf/recon unit would be deployed well ahead of the main force to mark ops, enemy targets, the location of the general, and the radio tower. The recon unit would then formulate a plan to destroy the radio tower prior to the arrival of the main force.


    This was just an example of how immersive and tactical this game could be. I just need someone to make this scenario (or something similar) because I can barely turn my computer on, let alone create a mission.

    There are still a million things to sort out, but missions like these would be amazing. Imagine 64 players (or more) fighting each other rather than the hopeless AI. If anyone knows how to make this happen I would be more than willing to help them, if I even could. I would just really love to see more of these TvT scenario games on the servers.

    Thoughts from you guys?

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    Re: Anyone else want more TvT scenario games? Here's my idea.

    Yep part of this (Protect the General) is an element of the new mission we are testing tomorrow. It's a Co-op right now, but as a TvT it would cover two cities one Army Camp and has numerous hunt and find, protect, assault, ambush and insurgent attack possibilities. If the Co-op woks we will launch the TvT straight after. Oh...and all at night with no NVG's.....there are parts of this island that are PITCH black!!!

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      Re: Anyone else want more TvT scenario games? Here's my idea.

      I support this post.




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