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  • Reporting in!

    Hey guys,

    i've been into tactical gaming ever since I joined my first clan in Call of Duty - been around the internet trying to find an community / battalion / clan that games the way you do with formations, use of the omega alphabet - basicaly all around military type game-play; hopefully this is the one i've been looking for! I've got a few questions if thats okay;

    1) Does Tactical Gamer work by players hosting nights or operations and accepting players who apply to the operation? Or is it a large clan with ranks, and so on?

    2) Do you guys mainly use teamspeak or in-game voice in the ARMA Division?

    I'm hoping to buy ARMA this weekend after consideration of all the games, seems the best one to join in on after viewing recorded missions, etc. Hope to be with you guys on the field soon!

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    Re: Reporting in!

    As for #2, we generally use ArmA VON. Teamspeak is optional.

    Pretty open community here, no ranks or anything. Generally there is a few people who will take leadership roles.

    Hope to see you on the server.


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      Re: Reporting in!

      Hey there welcome, if u want realism arma is the game for you, We do usualy use the omega alphabet for shouting out map coordinates and seperating the squads into alpha bravo but thats about as far as it goes. We dont really focus on mil sim, but we do try do things in the most realistic manner possible and mainly have fun. For number 2 we usualy use ingame voip but being on TS also helps to less clutter coms ingame, and it shows poeple your ingame. since connecting to TS is much faster than fireing up arma, if u just wanna check who's online .
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        Re: Reporting in!

        Welcome aboard James. Glad to see you found Tactical Gamer. We have a great ArmA community and it's growing. The learning curve can be a bit steep but just shout out that you are new on the server and people will gladly help you out. Look for me in game and you can shadow me to pick up the ropes...There's plenty of others who will do the same.

        Read the sop's. Lonewolfing and wasting of assets purposely will get you kicked.

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          Re: Reporting in!

          Hy James I'm heading back into ArmA after being away doing CoD4 and other things.
          But nothing quite raises the spirit quite like ArmA does.
          see this link ...

          So for a tense immersion filled couple of hours you'll not find anything better then enlisting here. I'm real rusty now having to brush up on my key binds etc. so you won't be alone in the "green-horn" stakes.
          Jump in there's more than enough here to help you out.

          On the TS point I fire that up as Ivan suggests and I also run the ts over lay so that I can get an on screen name show for the speaker, however this is all secondry to the ingamevoip [when it works correctly].

          TG is not a clan it a grouping of like minded souls who like to play in a more realistic way.
          We have people from all around the world it's free too but you can become a supporting member which gives you options to join games over general public and some special closed session invites.

          Oh I'm a Brit too Like Ivan and there are several others more.

          What you waiting for "FALL IN SOLDIER - DROP AND GIVE ME 20 - YOU'RE IN A REAL ARMY NOW"

          Catch yaz in my GUN-SIGHTS
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            Re: Reporting in!

            So many new people... so little internet:row__628:

            Welcome to TG dk... I believe you have found what you were looking for.




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