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  • Hello!

    hey everyone!

    well i bought Arma awhile back but i couldnt get it to run decent at all on my computer at all

    but recently i installed it again and FINALY got it to run well(all on low) :(

    BUT since ive been playing this week ive become very addicted to it for some reason lol and i play as much as i can but theres barely anyone on when i look at the servers except for the ones in europe but im not very fond of playing with a 180-200+ ping hah

    ive been looking around for a good clan or a big community to join that plays it frequently because it seems that its not like you just join a server and play with random people every server i go into its just 3 or 4 people only that all know each other playing

    SO if theres any clans that is looking for members or something hit me up! :D

    see you on the battlefield


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    Re: Hello!

    Czar welcome!

    You will find a growing group of European ARMA players here at TG and I am sure you will encounter them soon enough. Everyone is very friendly here, we play a more tactical style of game, where we work as a team or a group following the CO or Squad Leader.

    Comms are important so headset and mic are good! :D

    But just dive in, join up with a squad to work on a mission and you will soon get the hang of it!


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      Re: Hello!

      Welcome to Tactical Gamer. This is the best place on the net for mature gaming and teamwork. Join us in MP games. Server information can be found in the thread marked "Server Schedule".

      Saturday and Sundays find a good mix of European and US based players. I'm usually on for an hour or two at that time and also just about every evening from 8-12 or so. I'm on the east coast of america -4 gmt (I think)

      I'd be glad to help you get your feet wet.
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