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  • I Found These Helpful

    I have been, since getting Arma in June,floating around several servers and just fumbling

    through with the game and gameplay. Then a long time cyber friend,Bamboo directed me to

    the TG servers and I found a place and mature gamers willing to teach any new visitor.

    I became hooked on their style of tactical approach to the missions and it challenged me

    to improve my level of gameplay.

    First to know the terms the leaders were speaking about, and secondly the best way to

    apply them in game.

    So, I found these two sites most helpful to help this unskilled tactition grow one brick at a time.

    Start with tactical breifing 01

    Excellant on-line guide

    This post was only intended to help newcomers to the game, and others that want to

    fit in and understand the envirnment here at TG that I have enjoyed.

    Good Gaming and Good Luck


    P.S. Don't forget the section of Tactical Briefs and Articles on the main page of TG.

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    Re: I Found These Helpful

    I'll have to check out that SimHQ link, thanks Sarge!


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      Re: I Found These Helpful

      Sarge--you are a welcome addition to the community. I always enjoy squadding up with you. I know my flank is solid when you are on it.

      Thanks for posting those links to Sim HQ and to the guide that Dslyexci published.
      ARMA Admin (retired)
      Pathfinder-Spartan 5


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        Re: I Found These Helpful

        Thank you for the links. I am looking to play some rounds at TG after coming back to ArmA recently so I will try to brush up on some tactics before I jump in.




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