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  • Passworded Server

    Can we have someone put together a collection of clips or a video basiclly telling what all SOPs and rules of TG ArmA are and have a new password come at the end of that? Kind of like they were/are doing for password nights on PR.. Think it's a bit ovbious that more than a few players are bending to rules because they're bored/have the 'my way is better' mentality/I'm an asshat or whatever other reasons their are.

    Just about everyone who plays PR knows what they can and cannot do on the TG server thats set up for PR.. I don't see why it can't be the same for ArmA, on a unpassworded server I'd see why things are getting screwed around with so much but with a passworded server people should know how to go about doing things.

    My guesses for players not knowing SOPs are mainly due to that they're long as hell, I'm thinking that someone who previous experience could put together a 30-60second video detailing all SOPs in a way that will still get peoples attention to watch it then have the password at the end of the video?
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    Re: Passworded Server

    We did that already. :)

    Just no videos....

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