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  • Signing out

    Hey Gentlemen,

    Despite trying to arrange my times to suit/ match when the games are on I struggle to get on.
    I've tried the watch out for the Euro lads I know so I can get on with them but I just luck out.

    I have had great help from many of you and been made most welcome on the ArmA battle field but it seems a little pointless for me to continue being a supporting member any more.

    Probably having a poor experience on the CoD4 servers hasn't helped and conversely my experience here is what has kept me here this long.

    I like ArmA very much and will be looking at which to get between ArmA2 and OFP2 maybe then I'll try back here but the time shift seems to mess it up big time for me.

    Thanks to Grunt - Loyal - Jeepo - shafik - E-male - Kirk - Longbow - Big C - Kahn - Gogeta sorrry if I've not included your name but best wishes to you all .

    I'll pop on from time to time to pull up a sandbad for a chit chat.


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    Sir Winston Churchill

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    Re: Signing out

    SM or not, you are always welcome Barn. Looking forward to seeing you again soon my friend.


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      Re: Signing out

      Sad to hear it Barn! But i agree, the euro hours are sometimes harsh i know!

      See you!


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        Re: Signing out

        Real shame mate, but like you say, come back when you can, more than welcome to pull up a seat at the airport for a chin wag! You will be missed buddy!


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          Re: Signing out

          Shame to see you go.
          Hope to see you hopping on the server time to time.

          -- I always wanted TG to be different than anyone else out there. We need to be unique in what we offer and how we play, if not we are simply competing with everyone else. --
          The BigC


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            Re: Signing out

            It makes sence to me that if your not reaping the benefits of being an SM you cancel payments. However be sure to keep playing when the time permits, we need players from both sides of the pond on here. Cheers, see you around.


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              Re: Signing out

              Hours are hard to manage and finding players on that are 5-6 hours ahead of your normal duty hours gets tedious at best.

              And if your paying for a reserved slot but never have an issue getting in then there is something to look at. 35 pounds isnt too steep for an annual membership due but it goes back to the purposed of the paying for the reserved slot if theres always a slot open then why pay?

              I too enjoy playing Arma and enjoyed the times you were in my squad. Be that it was really late or really early in the day we still took the island in record time!




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