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On Belching in the Comms

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  • On Belching in the Comms

    Initially I was not going to speak of this matter again but it merits a brief memo.

    Last night an SL belched in the comms at the onset of action as the platoon was moving to a target. I addressed the issue in comms immediately but will raise the matter once more here, for the reasons noted below.

    I do not seek disciplinary action against the individual who apologized (there is no need to mention names or point fingers within this thread).

    While there is indeed times and places for goofing around in the TG ArmA arena, consider the following issues:

    1) SLs are held to a higher standard
    2) Such behaviour undermines confidence in your leadership and thus threatens the entire platoon and its ops.
    3) Such behaviour sends the wrong message, sets a degraded example, to any players new to TG and thus threatens to lead to copycat behaviour and an overall degradation of discipline in the TG server.
    4) Quite literally, the state of TG servers are the result of years of cooperation, leadership, conversation, debate, and collective discipline. This demands respect and vigilence.
    5) Such behaviour places the PL, Admins, and other responsible TG members in the unconfortable position of 'playing cop' -- nobody likes to have to enforce discipline.

    Thus what is without question a minor act of humour has, in this instance, potentially negative effects on numerous individuals and perhaps even the entire community.

    As I said, the individual was reprimanded in the field, an apology was immediately forthcoming, so the matter itself is closed (forgiveness involves a certain amount of forgetfulness). I do not wish to air dirty laundry or hurt anyones feelings but I do wish explain the reasons for the reprimand for others to consider.

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    Re: On Belching in the Comms

    Good point E-Male, yes things like this may seem small and even humorous, however due to many age and maturity differences within the community something like this could lead to bigger issues. We have all seen the affect that even one laugh from the "audience" can have over internet comms in encourage disruptive and pointless behavior.
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      Re: On Belching in the Comms

      This one goes without any explanation or need for discussion....
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