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Vegetation addons, sound addons, truemods?

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  • Vegetation addons, sound addons, truemods?

    With the help of Viper and Grambo yesterday I was able to DL and properly add TG_Phase1, and also the 1st Infantry Division ACU, and the Replacement Pack, and the Desert weapons replacement pack.

    Then I got a bit more eager and DL the Truemod's pack, however, at that point i became really confused as per how, or what to put into a truemods folder, and then also became kind of confused if it is worth it to begin with.

    Basically I was wondering if you guys use any vegetation addons, or Arma effects addons etc.

    I am not looking for any XAM addons, due to it crashing servers and not being really liked in the arma multiplaying community, and being the result of a player having to start over due to XAM.

    But please if you guys recommend any of the vegatation or sound, or even if there is a really good NVG HDR addon it would be very much appreciated.

    And thanks to all those who have helped me in the past, present and near future.
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