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Bank Robbers/Hostage situation

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  • Bank Robbers/Hostage situation

    I recently messed around with the map edit function and i can see myself messing more around with it, but I also made a practice mission of sorts just having a lot of enemies and friendly soldiers (though for some reason with AI, i don't know how to make it so when i die i respawn as an AI soldier), but I used the SWAT/Heavy SWAT/Sheriff option and was wondering if there are any known maps other than the Assault on Precinct 17 mission (though that one is a good one) that focus on Police/SWAT and Bank Robbers.

    I noticed that in the town of Avigano (i might be misspelling it) there is a police station, that could be a good defense mission and or even make it a U.S. Embassy and have it be a defense mission like Saigon in '68 when the U.S. Embassy in Saigon was almost overrun/partially overrun and taken back.

    If this belongs in the mission's part of the forum please move there or if i am notified i can move it before the edit option runs out.
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