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Few mods some might like.

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  • Few mods some might like.

    Hey guys, a few people have hated how the m203 GL has those rediculous sights and alot of people wish they was gone well its now possible. if u can be botherd to unpack and repack some of ur pbo's.

    First of all download these addons

    Try them out and see if u like them. Just put them into ur addon folder
    and it should apear as weapons crate or units in map editor if u like the weapons look

    U can then override ur 3d models to always have the ones from the pack (this does not give u any extra advantage over other players its just visual pleasure/preference)

    This is a very rough guide on how to change the models
    if you make backups of ur folder you will not screw any thing up as you can revert back.

    If u do like the models and want to override.
    you will have to:

    Dwnload armaunpack pbo file(to unpack the pbo's)
    put the file in the folder u want to unpack and double click it
    once the dos window closes ur done. right clicking any pbo
    will give u the option to extract the files (Automatic folder is created)


    1.Make a backup copy of ur weapons folder pbo incase you mess up.
    2.Unpack your default weapons folder
    3.Unpack the addons weapon folder
    4.Find the models u want to over ride

    I will use the m249 for an example

    1. Open unpacked addon weapon folder, find the m249 model, and copy it to your desktop
    2. Find the m249 default model from the default weapons folder and copy the NAME.
    3. Rewrite the NAME of the addon 249 on your desktop as the default m249.
    4. Drag the new m249 of your desktop into ur default weapons folder and overwrite.
    5. repack ur weapons by right clicking and create pbo press yes to overwrite and you should be done

    This procedure can be repeated the same way to change the all the other weapons also.

    Keep the downloaded addons in your arma addons folder or the models might not work correctly.

    Once again this guide is very rough, so make sure you make backups of the folders you will be messing around with.
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