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GGs last night!

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  • GGs last night!

    as the title says...GGs last night folks. it was epic :D i was on around 8:00pm est.

    i was in a squad with AlphaSierra leading, Reaper, and one other guy (sorry...cant remember your name). do any of you guys come to the forums?

    unfortunately i had to leave early, but i just wanted to say: it was awesome, and great job as squad leader Alphasierra.

    how did it all turn out?

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    Re: GGs last night!

    Heyy yeh we've had some really good games recently especially When we have good leaders.

    Yesterday my squad was outside obregan getting ready to assault the town, we started taking speradic granade fire, mostly landing about 50-100 meters away, then BANG one drops right infront of me deathens me and takes out my SL, luckily he was only knocked out but damn i love close calls like that really gets your adrenaline pumping and if you live it makes you feel really good.

    We do still use the forums but because the server was inactive for a long time before ACE was released, alot of the regulars stopped using the forums but im sure it will pick up again and the forum will be flurishing.
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