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  • Good to see....

    So many new faces and high quality players on the server tonight. This was my first game with ACE and 1.15 and I have to say I was impressed.

    Unfortunately I was not mic'ed up but it was good to see a good level of play and sensible comms.

    Well done all tonight, it was als good to see some past regulars playing again. I hope to be on a bit more, but that pain in the backside "RL" has thrown me some great curveballs at the moment, so this has taken some game time.

    ACE has certanly given a lot of what I was trying to achieve (on a slightly minor scale), for interim with the TG Mod Pack and have no doubt we can get some great new missions going designed with ACE, players numbers and good CoOp in mind.


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    Re: Good to see....

    I'm just enjoying. I love though how people on the server are tolerant to newcomers ( even when I crashed Jeepo's Cobra into the floor).


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      Re: Good to see....

      Yeah. We've had a good number of high quality players in the last week.

      RL has taken some of my gametime aswell. I should be back this week.

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        Re: Good to see....

        Having the server open publicly seems to be going well so far, most the player are pretty mature and follow orders. We need some new missions though, and patience to test them for bugs.
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          Re: Good to see....

          Well, my presence on TG was shortlived (for now, anyway). My memory has decided to go tits up again and basically died on me. This happened 2 months ago as well, but then I managed to wiggle them a bit and they worked again.. miraceously. Now, it has decided to bluescreen again (for those interested, 0x4E).

          Made a backup yesterday, and nothing would be lost anyway, but I'm out of action for a while. Depends on how fast they can process my RMA..

          Unfortunately, my Celeron 1.45 GHz laptop can't really run ArmA. :P

          Edit: Maybe it's not that bad.. After hours of memory testing, not a single error popped up. I'm really confused. It better not BSOD now.
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            Re: Good to see....

            I must say ACE seem to be godsent. All I've ever seen played on TG has been Evo, and for that reason I've never played on TG before, even though I've been registered for some time. Now with ACE it seems that real missions are played on the public servers, and I finally have a reason to play here at all! That change if anything is good to see!


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              Re: Good to see....

              Whatever you guys have done to the server, it's great. I noticed this week that the server is seeded at primetime euro hours even now. Fantastic!

              I'm gonna reinstall ARMA and get back on. I have so stuff i never learned and you guys have so much to teach me! :D


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                Re: Good to see....

                I found this server by filtering ACE when it came out. Joined this so called "Tactical Gamer" server and joined. Despite the 110ms ping that I got from it.
                Then to my surprise I really enjoyed playing at the Tactical Gamers server.
                Something that was lacking in a public level and what's better, public players actually joining to play a "tactical" warfare.
                It was such a refreshing experience, I never left and never will.

                Thanks for the great game play everyone.

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