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Tactical Training Event #1

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  • Tactical Training Event #1

    Hey all,

    It was brought up that most people playing in servers don't know about things such as bounding overwatch, moving through the objective, proper usage of formations, as well as MOUT tactics. I have noticed this a lot as well. My plan is to host weekly training events. These events were just going to be for TF5 members, but as the TG ArmA server is the only one I play in, I thought it best to open it to the public.

    Currently, I will place your name on a notepad when you do one of two things. Either PM me on these forums (PMs not checked often) or message me via X-Fire (cptspyder). Also, as I am trying to promote a bigger player base on the TG server, any help from TG would be much appreciated (ie server usage). I am not trying to intrude so don't feel obligated please. My other two options are to host myself or use some other dedicated server.

    The tactics taught are US Army tactics. So they are similar to marine tactics. Generally, most of the differences are the names and fireteam/ squad structure.

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    Re: Tactical Training Event #1

    We would gladly appreciate all the help we can get teaching tactics and classes here at TG. However, that being said we do have TGU setup specifically for that exact reason. There are some standardized templates and classes that are available for all to participate in once setup through there.

    If you would like to coordinate with TGU, by all means contact me or one for the admins via PM and we can help get you started so there simply no duplicated efforts going on.

    But like I said, we would be more than glad for all the help!!
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