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  • Irregs Petition for ArmA Platoon

    The Irregulars is a special in-house squad within TG which serves as a transition group for those who would like to experience IHS-like group membership, but are not ready to make a commitment to the IHS lifestyle. We have the Supporting Membership requirement waived so that people not ready to make that commitment can still experience the tight gameplay IHS can offer. Please check our Wiki and Forum for more information about us.

    Currently, we have active platoons serving the BF2142 and BF-Project Reality communities within TG. We are considering opening an ArmA platoon and would like your help in gaging interest for such a group.

    If you would like to see an ArmA platoon formed, please consider giving your preliminary commitment for participation in the platoon through the ArmA Platoon Petition in the Irregs forum. If enough support and commitment is shown, the Irregs will form the platoon as soon as possible to give our style of camaraderie to the ArmA server at TG.

    Thanks for you support!

    |TG-Irr| ThePenguineer ::: |TG-Irr| Pengie the Noob
    TG-Irregulars Commanding Officer



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