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    I want to take this opportunity to talk to the community about a couple things. Of late there is some dissent from people because they do not like the direction of ArmA here at TG. I can truly understand any concerns that people may have, because yes it affects all of us.

    We all came to Tactical Gamer for various reasons; mine was simply because I enjoyed the well organized games of CSS and OFP I found with other adults. For a good portion of you, ArmA is not the 1st game you played here; it is just the one you are playing now. But for the rest of you, you may be new to the whole concept of how we are a mature gaming community. We don’t play like a clan; we don’t do anything like a clan. What we do offer you is a hassle free server where you can come and play without fear of the kiddie gamers ruining an enjoyable experience. Granted there will be the one or two that stop by, but they normally are gone as quick as they came.

    Most here are interested in playing differently than other places. Some find it as comforting as some of the regular places also play at, which is just as great. Either way we do come here to spend time together and have fun. Fun? Yes I said fun. People lose sight sometime that this is just a game. Yes we take it seriously, but we do get to respawn and do it over. So it is not real life so you have to remember that. Now if you are expecting exactly like real life, well pick a rucksack and follow me. Go enlist and join the service. Otherwise take this game for face value that there are limitations to a simulation and deal with it. We do not write the engine the game runs on, so if there are faults with that, I will give you a forum address and we can all help the developers get better. We do make missions here, but we are not the uber gurus, but we do it out of pleasure of seeing our work played online. We all make the best effort we can, but due to the complexity sometimes of creating a mission they are simply not perfect. I have yet to see any mission maker have a perfect mission, even BI. We won’t stop making missions and putting them on the server, because that is what makes this game continue to be exciting. The more new mission choices you get, the fresher the game feels and we all can enjoy. Now the creative work of a mission creator is theirs and theirs alone. They have the vision to go out and make some small piece of art and make it the way they see fit. If you do not like it, well fine. That is not a basis for complaints and ridicule. These guys are working their butts off, mostly with no help and they are somehow bringing to life their vision in the format of a mission. They are doing this for some personal gratification of watching you play their missions, not to hear you say it sucked because it did/did not have scopes.

    MODs. We run what the server load can handle. We cannot run every MOD out there and honestly expect everything to work smoothly. A hard lesson also learned is that MODs do deter newer players to stopping by at TG normally. ACE had been the exception to the rule, but that is to the massive credit of the designers that have made a phenomenal piece of work that fixes the shortcomings of the original game. Having 25 different map packs is not worth all the trouble. Currently we are running two and that seems like a fair balance, adding another pack or two will not make a difference but will again exclude external players. Client side MODs are totally up to you guys as to what to run, that is all personal preference so have at it. However, if there is a client side MOD that affects the server and you continue to try and connect and it crashes the server, I will have no choice but to permanently remove you. We have had a couple old MODs that did exactly that. You guys know which one they are and I think all of us are good these days.

    Events. I have had 1 person ever stand up and say here is a plan, I want to help run an event (happened recently I might add). There is a ton of backside work that goes into getting a scheduled event up and running. I am not going to bore you with all the details, but it is a pain in the butt. So if you do not like how we run them, well by all means contact me and we can see what I can do to point you in the direction of how to do it. The missions for these events are sometimes game time decisions. That has to do with several factors. How many sign up, how many show up, how much time we have to fill or is left, and lastly mission availability. I currently have one creator making missions above 40+ people. So the pool can be limited on what is out there.

    Forum decorum. This one has become a disheartening issue of late here in the ArmA forum. This is not the sandbox for posting rants on personal views. TG has a forum for that, by all means subscribe to that forum and debate those kinds of topics there. These forums are for ArmA related subjects. We have several forums under the ArmA forum so each topic has a proper place for something to be discussed. Obviously the SOP and Announcement forum is the most important place for information. I try and keep some of the current stuff in the general forums, but that is only because some of you have zoned out the SOP forum. We try and keep everything up to date as much as possible, but sometime we lose track and a simple PM to one of the admin team to update will go a long way. There is no reason to make a big deal about something, just kindly tell us. They are there for a reason though to read. The general forums are to discuss all ArmA related items that do not fit the mold of the other ones. One thing I want to point out that concerns me of late is the constant “quoting wars”. People know what they post, there is no reason to quote and then dissect every word verbatim and challenge it. If something they said is a lie, that is one thing but a personal opinion is just that. You debating every word posted only pisses people off and causes unwanted results down the road. I will not tolerate this kind of behavior in this forum. We are all adults and should be treated as such. Politely pointing out some incorrect information is totally different then making a personal attack and embarrassing them, which there has been quite a few of late. If you have noticed, people always respond emotionally and then the threads go downhill. I will personally stop that before it happens, it is required or else this turns into a sandbox of chaos. I will delete a post rather than edit any word in that post. My moderators can also control those situation, but I review every single post moderated, so if you have a issue I kindly ask you to take it up with me in the form of a PM.

    Negativity. I cannot fathom why people are so negative about something like a game. If I see people being negative in their postings or in game I will have you removed. We are all here to have a good time and being a downer all the time is not helping us grow as a community. We need to remain positive that things will always be improving here and it will always get better. That is not to say we in the dumps or anything, but I have seen ArmA in that state here and I will do everything possible to not allow that to happen again. Now if someone does not like how things are run, I ask you do not post that in the forum. The server operations are not up for debate, nor is it a discussable topic in public. I am solely responsible for the operations of ArmA and how it is run. My admin team executes my directives, so if you do not like something they are doing, contact me. I have tried over the last 2 years to do one thing, and that is making ArmA popular here at TG. I came into this gig with ideas of how Operation Flashpoint was and the potential for ArmA. Some of those visions have come true, while others have been a crushing blow. I am charted with putting people on the server, all the while playing a game that falls in line with the TG Primer. I have steered away from making this like any other group, let alone game on purpose. We are not like any other group or game. ArmA is very unique and with its own challenges. We have listened to so many ideas in the past on how things might be better and tried it, believe it or not most failed. Yes even a lot of my own did as well. But we got to where we are today by a whole lot of failures and missed opportunities, but we are still here. On average, I personally spend at least 5-6 hours minimum dealing with either working on the servers, responding to PMs, chatting with ArmA gamers and possibly mission making. In there, all my time for gaming gets sucked so I sacrifice it so you guys can have a more enjoyable time on the servers. Being negative about mine or any of my admins team work will not get you w whole lot of sympathy from me and will begin to get you removed here from TG. Myself and my admin team do not get paid for any of the work we do here, we actually all pay TG. We are that committed to supporting something we believe in.

    Now this being a quasi State of the Union, I will also be the first one to tell you some good news. Yes we are the #1 rated multi ArmA server worldwide. We are ranked #5 for server two and ~20 (Changes daily) for server one. We are also the number #1 ranked server running the ACE MOD. You are more than welcome to look on Gamemonitor has us at # 4 and #19. As an overall community TG is ranked 15th overall for all of its servers, out of 33000 clans. Yes, you all need to go sign up at GameTracker!! This is a direct reflection of all of you spending time here!! Our numbers are fantastic and the quality of game play has not suffered in my opinion. I think all the waning non believers in the game are now gone and the true players are finding their way back to ArmA. Granted the last patch and ACE are helping us out a lot as well as all the new missions being fielded.

    I am still amazed every time I am in game as to how much fun this game can be. I constantly meet new gamers that stop by and decide they like what they see. Of course I will give them the TG sales pitch, but they would not stay if they did not see first hand at the caliper of the current player core we have. That is a testament to how well we enjoy this game and how committed we are.

    There are not too many faces left from the original ArmA crowd here at TG. I am actually glad. The current player base is far more fun to game with and they truly grasp where this game is going. That is another question.. I cannot read any crystal ball and say we will make all the right decisions from this point forward, but we will definitely try. We are also not going to let the possible release of ArmA2 slow us down either. We are already looking forward to its arrival, but I am also a realist and know if we put all our effort into it and it is delayed, we will have made a huge mistake. We will play it by ear when it is released and prepare for it, but for now we have a solid game that is operational.

    So for now I just want to say thanks so far for all the effort you guys all put into making this community work. This is not about one person, one idea rather the Socialist Republic of Tactical Gamer!! Now stop reading this bed time material and go get on the server!!

    The Big C
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    Re: Azimuth Check

    Im not very good but if we need 40+ missions Im on it :) had an idea for one for awhile but just not been brave enough to attempt it..once i get word that the VIP mission is OK and doesnt need editing Ill get on it

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      Re: Azimuth Check

      I appreciate all the work TG do, and I do enjoy the server alot. When I get a job, and some income, I will be sure to donate.

      Everey game has it's issues, but there's always a community, those brave few, to pick it up out of the dirt, and run towards the objective. Much like TG :)

      This post is essential reading for anyone who plays on the server. Infact, let's put it on the front page! :D




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