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What downloads do I need to get started?

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  • What downloads do I need to get started?

    Hello TG.

    I am obviously new here, and just need to get up to speed so I can play with some like minded individuals.

    I am a registered nurse who loves all things military games and I enjoyed myself some OFP back in my gaming youth. I have ARMA but haven't had much fun on PUB so I let the game slide under the radar till I got some better hardware to play some SP missions.

    While that is fun I think now I would like to bring ARMA to the next level with a like minded group of guys who use teamwork and patience.

    So far I have vanilla ARMA installed on my inadequate laptop patched to the latest update and teamspeak.

    What are some of the other things I need to run with you guys? I read the SOP and some of the primers but still dont have a handle on everything I need to play.

    I am starting to build a new desktop for ARMA / ARMA 2 with my next paycheck.

    Thanks a bunch


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    Re: What downloads do I need to get started?

    Welcome to the forums.

    Check here:


    or here:

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      Re: What downloads do I need to get started?

      First of all, welcome to TG!

      We're always looking for gamers interested in teamwork and very glad you've joined us!

      In order for you to play in our servers, you must have the latest ArmA patch as well as the latest ACE MOD version installed. Here are the steps:

      1) Go to to download 1.08 ArmA patch and install

      2) Go to to download 1.14 ArmA patch and install

      3) Go to to download 1.16 ArmA patch(latest) and install

      4) Go to to download the full 1.07 version of ACE MOD and install

      Note: I am assuming you are brand new to online multiplayer community so I've listed all the patches that you need in order to play in the TG servers and most of the other PUB servers. If you don't need to download some of these patches, then just skip to the next patch. I believe you can check which patch you currently have by running the game and looking for a number on the bottom right corner of the main menu screen.

      Edit: This will only update you to the latest ArmA patch and ACE MOD. Please refer to the links above(Jorge.PT's post) to download the ACE island packs as well as Avgani map packs. Good luck and I'll see you in game!

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