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Cannot connect to event, when people are in.

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  • Cannot connect to event, when people are in.

    Hello i have been having problems getting into the server. It seems my connection is blocking players from connecting also.

    Very weird since my ping is around 30 - 40.

    Only times i can connect is when there is no players in the server, or only when there are 2 - 3 people in. I would appreciate it if i could be one of the first players to connect during the event so i can participate.

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    Re: Cannot connect to event, when people are in.

    Have you tried reinstalling?


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      Re: Cannot connect to event, when people are in.

      You may be required to adjust the ports in use...
      Or make your router forward these ports.

      What ports does ArmA use?

      Default value of port is 2302, but you may change it by -port command line argument.
      port UDP (used for game)
      port+1 UDP (used for server reporting)
      port+3 UDP (used for VoN transmissions)
      Following outgoing ports need to be open as well:
      port UDP (used for game)
      port+3 UDP (used for VoN transmissions)
      If that does not work try a winsock reset...

      Can't connect on servers

      Every attempt to connect to a server fails with an error message saying that the attempt to connect failed.
      netsh winsock reset
      with cmd.

      If it still does not work, make copy of your registry and do the following:
      Start Windows in safe mode, go to device manager, show hidden devices and delete the following non-PnP-drivers:
      NetBios over TCP/IP
      Driver for automatic RAS-connection
      Windows Socket 2.0 Non-IFS
      Good luck.
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        Re: Cannot connect to event, when people are in.


        We need to have a serious discussion about your game/system/etc as that is now twice in as may days that your connection has held up the start of an event as it happened on Fridays TGIF as well.

        We will all do what we can to help you sort this out but it must besorted out, otherwise your connection may make any event we run become unstable and that will destroy things for many people.

        Can you give us a list of everything associated with the game, like:
        What version of the game did you buy:
        Are you running any strange mods, Queens Gambit, etc:
        What spec of PC do you have:
        Router set up:
        What is your internet connection and do others use it?
        In your start shortcut have you got everything in the right order i.e. Beta first then @ACE, then AAceip, etc etc:
        Check your are runnign the very latest versions of all mods:

        Lets start with all of this and go from there.


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