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im a newb!

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  • im a newb!

    Just got it installed and patched and moded etc.. That took forever... Now that I have checked it out, all I can say is :icon_eek::icon_eek::icon_eek:

    I have played on TG bf2 and 2142 servers a bunch, I think I will go noob it up on some other servers till I figure out everything :)

    Can't wait to see what this game is like on a full server!
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    Re: im a newb!

    Do your self a favor and only play on TG servers, most other servers have little teamwork. I and many others would be happy to show you the ropes on the TG servers. All you have to do is say your new in game and people will help you.
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      Re: im a newb!

      What he said ^^

      Hit me up ingame if u need help or anything.


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        Re: im a newb!

        Getting the ARMA for life contract brb....

        Sign here in blood ;)
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          Re: im a newb!

          your gonna love it man. we have some good times in our server.

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            Re: im a newb!

            We are the best! Just ask me if you need help, |TG-Irr|Ghost02

            I already talked to you also, this morn.
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