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ACE 1.08 Released

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  • ACE 1.08 Released

    ACE 1.08 was released about ten minutes ago.

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    Re: ACE 1.08 Released


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      Re: ACE 1.08 Released

      changelog wont work. it just takes me to 1.07 patch changelog

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        Re: ACE 1.08 Released

        Originally posted by Vikk|TG-Regulars| View Post
        changelog wont work. it just takes me to 1.07 patch changelog
        Changelog is here:

        Release Purpose

        Known Issues
        Please check the Issue Tracker

        Important Additions / Changes:
        •Fixed FACEBUG (Finally!)
        •Optimized Performance
        •Removed broken / problematic scripts

        Mon May 18 08:49:51 +0200 2009

        •@ACE, Revision: a0ca49510e141e067a2c6c8c6ffaf79113dc670d - d6106f91c1565e057b73c3d3b34c86fbd28ba75c


        ■"Bipod deployed" msg on deployment | refs #1053 [Pufu]
        ■Accuracy International AS50 [Rocko]
        ■Ace_sys_eject - ejection seats models and configs [Zguba]
        ■Attempt to fix the headbug when respawn while being dragged [Rocko]
        ■Calibrated optics for RPG29 [Q1184]
        ■Flag to suppress special mags from some missions and tools. Fixes # 1242 [Squelch]
        ■Round parachute model (t10) [Pufu]
        ■Rpg29 by Dasquade/Planck [Q1184]
        ■Russian Hind Textures [Aushilfe]
        ■Start up sequence for helis and planes | fixes #1229 [Pufu]
        ■Weight for non ACE weapons and magazines. refs #961 [Aushilfe]
        ■You can downgrade BIS sandbag walls now to single sandbags [Rocko]


        ■Ace_config_core_movement; duplicate of data in ace_config_core_ai [Sickboy]
        ■Ace_sys_suppression; due to performance and AI issues [Sickboy]


        ■Ace version text now high contrast for better visibility. Fixes #1170 [Squelch]
        ■Ace_sys_backblast and ace_sys_crew_dmg using ACE_Sys_Wounds_HitEH only if present, ace_sys_backblast not requiring ace_sys_wound to run [Zguba]
        ■Ace_sys_tracking now keeps track of units added or removed from the group since previous cycle [Sickboy]
        ■Ace_sys_tracking now uses input buffer to process inited units [Sickboy]
        ■Arma Version text and ACE version text now high contrast for better visibility. Fixes #1170" [Squelch]
        ■Bis Civilians will now show in editor. Fixes #1335 [Squelch]
        ■Bis SLA units uses vanilla models| fixes #1062 [Pufu]
        ■Bis classes hidden from RTE and BC Refs#1384 #1378 [Squelch]
        ■Bizon now has library description for gear dialogue (by rocko) Fixes #1043 [Squelch]
        ■Car class vehicles no longher explode [Maddmatt]
        ■Deploying bipods now gives visual confirmation in upper left of screen (by rocko) Fixes #1053 [Squelch]
        ■Different implementation for ace_sys_tracking Laser Markers. New function: ace_sys_tracking_findLaser, returns array of two arrays, first array: Local Laser Markers, second array: Not-Local Laser Markers. Function uses waitUntil, do not use directly from Engine Events (spawned/execVM'ed instance is fine). [Sickboy]
        ■Disabled Accuracy and Camouflage adjustments, leaving only Sensitivity [Sickboy]
        ■Disabled add/remove weapon/magazine arma.rpt debug messages [Sickboy]
        ■Disabled gunTurnAI settings; AI's ability to properly aim and fire was seriously degraded [Sickboy]
        ■Disabled minRange midRange and maxRange overrides; leaving only aiRateOfFire [Sickboy]
        ■Eject_sys to incorporate the new round chute [thanks Homer Johnston] [Pufu]
        ■Geometry changed for better handling Refs #1350 (by rocko) [Squelch]
        ■Guerilla class men set to hidden in editor. [Squelch]
        ■Helicopter Fuel to ~50 minutes [Rocko]
        ■Helicopter manoeuvre distance increased by 50%. Less likely to pan after a sudden speed change at low altitude. Fixes #1064 [Squelch]
        ■Increased MinRange for grenade launchers from 10m to 50m due to ineffectiveness at anything closer, plus blowing himself up. [Sickboy]
        ■Increased bleed divisor to prolong pain Fixes #889 [Squelch]
        ■Increased fuel capacity for helicopters by 15% [Aushilfe]
        ■Ir Flares are now named according to launcher type. Fixes #1383 [Squelch]
        ■Ir Strobe should be now better visible from a distance [Rocko]
        ■M40 now uses M24 sounds [Tpm]
        ■Made WoundTimeMultiplier private var Refs #889 #1332 [Squelch]
        ■New M249 sound [Tpm]
        ■New: ace_sys_disposal - handles disposable launchers, added 3-staged M136 models (safe, armed, used) [Zguba]
        ■Opticszoommax and Init reduced to 0.5. AI Scopeless engagement ranges increased from ~150m to ~250m [Sickboy]
        ■Optimized the ace_sys_tracking system [Sickboy]
        ■Quantity is now in front of rucksack items to help seeing how many items are still left. [Rocko]
        ■Reverted WoundTimeMultiplier fix back to 1 Refs #889 Fixes #1332 [Squelch]
        ■Reverted changes to weather sync system, changes were based on false data. Properly fixed the problem now. [Sickboy]
        ■Reworked T-90 model . refs #513 [Aushilfe]
        ■Side of Sandbox set to Civilian Side. Fixes ~1122 [Sickboy]
        ■Slightly reduced AI Stun effects [Sickboy]
        ■Stamina influence of Player firing has now been moved to ace_sys_stamina [Sickboy]
        ■T-72/90 Commander HMG elevatingspeed [Aushilfe]
        ■T90 turret rotation speed Fixes #1013 [Squelch]
        ■Type of display resource used for bleeding indicator changed from title to cut Fixes #1247 [Squelch]
        ■Weather sync does overCast * 10 on server due to weird 1/10th bug [Sickboy]
        ■Wounded Dragger model does not damage other objects Fixes #1183 (by rocko) [Squelch]


        ■Ace bicycle steering [Rocko]
        ■Ace_sys_disposal - isNil applied to object [Zguba]
        ■Ace_sys_disposal - reverted to correct command order (changed one caused player to play weapon switch animation) [Zguba]
        ■Ace_sys_engine - possible fix for locality errors causing MP issues [Pufu]
        ■Ace_sys_missileguidance - addon dependency; ace_sys_disposal & ace_config_weapon - AI + autoReload + empty magazine CTD; cleanup [Zguba]
        ■All 20 rnd ammo uses the 20rnd picture | fixes #1156 [Pufu]
        ■Any bugs caused by untracked units and groups. (Most realtime spawned units were not tracked!) [Sickboy]
        ■Any bugs caused by untracked units, due to realtime group membership changes etc. [Sickboy]
        ■Any weather sync bugs [Sickboy]
        ■Blufor Snipers had M9SD with wrong Magazines. Fixes #1171 [Sickboy]
        ■Carlgustav didnt have HEAT_2 magazine assigned [Sickboy]
        ■Face melt bug caused by different languages used between model.cfg and model selections. Fixes #494 [Squelch]
        ■Ka-50 and Ka-52 armor-values too high. Fixes: #1150 [Aushilfe]
        ■Ka-52 gunner not engaging. Fixes #498 [Aushilfe]
        ■M1a2 SEP had only one Coax-MG box. Fixes #1168 [Aushilfe]
        ■Mission Resource documentation contained obsolete code statement for language replacement. Fixes #1092 [Squelch]
        ■Models for Stinger/Strela magazines | fixes #1042 [Pufu]
        ■Motorcycle_start.wss accidentally overwritten by other raw sound [Zguba]
        ■Parachute bugs landing on building/objects. fixes #1055 (thanks Homer Johnston) [Vipermaul]
        ■Parachute decent vector resets on pulling rip-cord. fixes #1044 (thanks Homer Johnston) [Vipermaul]
        ■Parachute eject issues. fixes #1016 (thanks Homer Johnston) [Vipermaul]
        ■Parachute moveInDriver bugs. fixes #1045 (thanks Homer Johnston) [Vipermaul]
        ■Scope for ACE_PackDummyMag and ACE_MagChecker_sm | fixes #1235 [Pufu]
        ■Some weapons with modeled bipods were missing the ability to deploy | refs #1039 [Pufu]
        ■Visible flares not really visible [Rocko]
        ■Wdl shadow lod 10 fixed [Pufu]
        ■Wrong path for pictures and icons for East Weapons Fixes #1230 [Squelch]


        •Bug #494: Face-melting bug is back
        •Bug #495: Automatically blurting out contacts
        •Bug #498: Bug AI gunner in KA-52
        •Bug #795: Warfare MHQ still can't load rucksack
        •Bug #1013: t-72 and t-90 bugs
        •Bug #1016: Parachute script is taking control over the currently used Aircraft
        •Bug #1042: No Stinger ammo model
        •Bug #1043: Bison lacks the information in the gear dialog
        •Bug #1044: Pulling the Rip Cord Resets Your Current Decent Vector
        •Bug #1045: Parachutes: moveInDriver no longer works since 1.07
        •Bug #1050: Parachutes: when ejecting from a plane you end up without a parachute
        •Bug #1055: Parachute landing on Buildings causes glitches
        •Bug #1064: AI Helos still crash when attacking
        •Bug #1114: No M136 HEAT Model anymore
        •Bug #1122: Sandbags
        •Bug #1143: Ruined gameplay with ACE107 and/or ArmA1.16 beta.
        •Bug #1150: Kamov armor too strong
        •Bug #1153: Performance (FPS) loss on client
        •Bug #1168: M1A2 SEP only has one coax mag
        •Bug #1170: Arma Version # Difficult to read from Main Menu
        •Bug #1183: dragging wounded damage
        •Bug #1208: SCAR H (CAR H) weapons use the wrong magazine picture.
        •Bug #1230: Missing picture in Infantry Weapons East
        •Bug #1240: Injured state does not deny actions
        •Bug #1242: Scope on specialed magazines
        •Bug #1247: Bleeding effects not full screen on Full HD resolution
        •Bug #1250: Problem Respawn ACE
        •Bug #1276: Fuel consumption rates for choppers too high!!!!!
        •Bug #1281: Heat 751 with Heat 551 rocket bug for Carl Gustaf M3
        •Bug #1332: 1.07 Wound-system is bugged due to raise in multiplier-variables.
        •Bug #1335: Civilians
        •Bug #1348: Update did not update fog-definition in clientside config file
        •Bug #1358: Bike steering ability is very poor with 1.16
        •Bug #1383: IR Flares for GP25 and M203 are indistinguishable by name
        •Bug #1392: Disposable M136
        •Bug #1394: Headbug when dragged and respawn at the same time
        •Bug #1407: Download not working - log-in required
        •Feature #889: Pain vanishes way way to quickly
        •Feature #961: Defined weight for non-ACE weapons, ammo.
        •Feature #1000: Disable: Civillian Vehicles Exploding on max. damage
        •Feature #1053: bipod visual feedback
        •Feature #1062: SLA Soldiers should have SLA Models
        •Feature #1117: Reduce Sandbag deployment time or add animation
        •Feature #1229: Startup sound/time also for choppers and planes?
        •Feature #1290: IR strobe
        •Feature #1380: Resize gear GUI a bit more
        •Feature #1384: Hide BIS classes from RTE and some missions
        •Support #778: Getting "<NullObj>" instead of playername
        •Support #1092: Russian voices
        •Support #1108: Independent Classes
        •Task #513: T90 Overhaulin 2
        •Task #1265: Produce "engine starting" sounds for different aircraft
        •Task #1337: Update FAQ information with ACE Group / Group filtering
        •Task #1388: A.C.E. Mod Update v1.08 PRIVATE Test Release


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          Re: ACE 1.08 Released

          Finally disposable AT4s? WOW!
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            Re: ACE 1.08 Released

            Servers and DL links updated, have at it......

            A.C.E v1.08 PATCH TG download


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              Re: ACE 1.08 Released



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                Re: ACE 1.08 Released

                Something that isn't quite obvious in the changelog:

                Yay :)


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                  Re: ACE 1.08 Released

                  disposible AT4!
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                    Re: ACE 1.08 Released


                    The Scientist can finally have the Parachute insertion that I first envisioned! Nice!


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                      Re: ACE 1.08 Released

                      Has the server been updated? Want to know If im clear to install the update.

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                        Re: ACE 1.08 Released

                        I think they are xmaster.

                        Originally posted by Jeepo_SAS View Post
                        Servers and DL links updated, have at it......

                        A.C.E v1.08 PATCH TG download

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                          Re: ACE 1.08 Released

                          Anyone else getting a download error (NCIS) from the TG link?

                          I have tried to download it 3 times now with nothing else running in the background and when I try to install it says the media is broken?

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                            Re: ACE 1.08 Released

                            i downloaded from here
                            from the link on ace's website


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                              Re: ACE 1.08 Released

                              Yes TG link also gave me incomplete file error.




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