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Cold War Rearmed "Operation Flashpoint in ARMA!!

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  • Cold War Rearmed "Operation Flashpoint in ARMA!!

    I'm not allowed to post links yet, been following this since before US release an it is here! Obviously any old timer from OFP days will agree this is a must have for ArmA. Me personally if u missed it bac in 01 give it a try an see why OFP was GOTY in 01 an the campaign that has ever had me running like the whole damn russian army was out looking for me 8)- Also includes the Resistance Capaign. Would be nice to see on the TG server hint hint
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    Re: Cold War Rearmed "Operation Flashpoint in ARMA!!

    Things are going to get a little hectic here soon mate! ;)

    So we may not be adding any new addons or anything anytime soon, but maybe once the fanfare over ArmA2 calms down, we can look into this to create a new angle for ArmA1 here at TG?

    We will certainly have a look for ya!


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      Re: Cold War Rearmed "Operation Flashpoint in ARMA!!

      Let me just tell you guys, that this addon is great for single player.

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