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time to upgrade for arma2

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  • time to upgrade for arma2

    i need a little help, guidance plz arma 2 is just around the corner so it,s time to upgrade my second system i,m looking at a pci-e card i just decide which would be better now i,m limited to funds so i,m looking at spending about 50 notes ( yes i,m that cheap).

    can someone take a minute to look here

    any advice would be gratefully accepted , cheers in advance.... JUZZA .......
    if you could see me now.....

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    Re: time to upgrade for arma2

    Seems the Sweet spot for Vid cars is the $150 US mark... Bang for Buck etc.. I did find that ARMA 1 was playable with an AVERAGE card...Arma 2...probably still playable.. So if you are talking sbout 50-75 Euro's you may be able to find something in that realm..maybe a 9800GT or something.. 9600GT.. If it's in US$$.... NOPE..
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      Re: time to upgrade for arma2

      may i suggest

      i'm guessing your from the UK. These guys are really good, i'd highly recommend them for stuff. You should also try they are ace too!


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        Re: time to upgrade for arma2

        Major issue though, what is your power supply? Most cards now require 500 watt minimum. Thats my issue, I want a nividia 260 but it needs 500 watts!
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          Re: time to upgrade for arma2

          If you are looking for an affordable vid card and don't want to waste money, I would recommend the 8800GT. All the other cards above that like the 9600GT or such are pretty much the same as the 8800GT just has maybe one or two new thing added. You can pretty much get the 8800GT under $100. They are sort of hard to find though... I, at least, haven't had any luck finding one online. But if you try hard enough, you should be able to find one. Just note that I am considering the fact that you are limited on funds. There are definitely much better cards out there than the 8800GT. I would also recommend probably buying an extra RAM as well. Go up to 3GB at least. A new processor would be nice too.

          8800GT VS. 9800GTX
          Check this link out:

          And this might help as well (From Jeepo):

          Originally posted by Jeepo_SAS
          I am most impressed by the PC's needed to run this, it is already more optimised than ArmA 1, and the PC's used for these screens apparantly had the following specs:

          - Windows XP 32bit
          - Core2Duo 8400 @3Ghz (not overclocked)
          - 3Gb of RAM
          - Nvidia 9800GTX+ Graphics

          They were able to run at these settings:

          - Screen resolution 1680x1050 on a 24" 16:10 TFT
          - Visibility (View Distance) "3499 m"
          - Quality Preference "Very High"
          - Texture detail "High"
          - Video memory "Very High"
          - Antisotropic Filtering "High"
          - Post Processing "High"

          So all in all looking good, and for those of us who surpass these specs, even better! I got the above info from FOXHOUND over at

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